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청소년기 인성함양 미술교과 프로그램
These days, with the concentration of cities and informatization, our society has have complicated social changes, which caused disturbances in senses of value and moral. As such phenomenon affected adolescents who have many changes and problems in developmental process, problems such as being left out, school violence, sexual abuse, students' accusing and violence of teachers, juvenile delinquency, and suicide are arising. As such misconduct led to serious problems of our society, public opinion that education on personality for students should be reinforced is being strong.
Therefore, this study identifies the possibility that art can contribute to effective personality education and develops art program for personality education to contribute qualification of students who can adjust to our society well.
As most of school education focuses on subjects, personality education through them is a very important task. Schools that are directly related to adolescents' problems should activate personality education to solve the phenomenon of personality absence. Personality education is an activity that promotes to realize learners' nature or disposition, that is, an education that nurtures human disposition.
When art education that is effective for emotional nurturing and expands visual thoughts is related to the features of personality development for community spirit, it can be found that art education has a great contribution to personality development. So, this study categorizes personality education program of art into three areas of aesthetic experiences, representation and appreciation and develops specific plans.
For aesthetic experiences centering on sensibility, we select the unit of beauty shown in nature and artistic models and present the class for emotional nurturing through colors. Students can be encouraged to have aesthetic senses by finding beautiful harmony of colors. In addition, as an activity to maximize personality cultivation, students are asked to listen to stories on admiration and thanks before they see the completed works and begin to represent their feeling immediately when they are motivated.
For representation centering on reasonableness, we select the unit of various expressions and ask students to draw self-portraits using collage. For the students who have difficulty in describing, we can provide more opportunities to improve aesthetic senses and reflect their ability. As an activity to promote personality, we ask students to listen to stories that can enhance confidence in themselves, and to draw and write letters to themselves, which is designed to have positive effect on formation of right self-concept.
For appreciation centering on respect, we ask them to express their feeling using mind map leaning after students see famous paintings. They have experiences of each culture, and can have enhanced emotional aspect and overcome individual disposition through discussion and mind-map activity. And they listen to the stories that make them consider other students's positions before group activity to maximize personality development.
It is expected that as there are further studies on effective art education programs, art program will be recognized as a most effective subject for personality nurturing. And it is hoped that students can have opportunities to reflect themselves for their future directions through art program.
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A Study on the Art Program for Nurturing Personality for Adolescence
Alternative Author(s)
Park, Yu-jung
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2008. 8
Table Of Contents
1장. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 필요성과 목적 = 1
2. 연구 내용 및 방법 = 3
3. 연구의 범위 = 3
2장. 인성교육의 이론적 배경 = 4
1. 인성교육의 정의 = 4
2. 인성교육의 의의 및 목표 = 5
3. 인성교육의 방법 = 9
4. 교과목를 통한 인성교육 = 10
3장. 인성 함양을 위한 미술교과 = 14
1. 미술교육의 특성 = 14
2. 인성교육의 덕목과 미술교육과의 관계 = 25
3. 인성교육으로서 미술교과의 가치 = 30
4장. 인성교육을 위한 미술교과 프로그램 = 33
1. 미술교과 인성교육의 기본방향 = 33
2. 감수성 함양을 위한 미적체험영역 = 35
3. 합리성 함양을 위한 표현영역 = 45
4. 존중성 함양을 위한 감상영역 = 55
5장. 결론 = 66
참고문헌 = 69
부록 = 71
조선대학교 교육대학원
박유정. (2008). 청소년기 인성 함양을 위한 미술교과 프로그램 연구
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