日本語 敬語敎育의 硏究

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일본어 경어교육 지도법
One of the most difficult part of Japanese language learner is reading Chinese character and learning of honorific. So the text book for learning Chinese character is increasing in the street. However many people tend to make light of the honorific, rather the native speaker of Japanese take it with difficulty.
Because use of honorific is indispensible in living with language, most of the people tend to misjudge that they know a large part of it. But there have been increasing anxious for misapplication of the honorific because we often encounter a case of wrong application. This is what display the importance of the honorific education.
Japanese attach great importance to observing the proprieties and Japanese language includes a factor of nonverbal communication such as acting, a countenance, a tone, a dress, besides verbal factors. For that reason, the use of the honorific is a careful concern to others and is essential about learning Japanese. Therefore we need to develop a new efficient method of teaching for Japanese language teacher to make use of the right honorific.
At this point from 7'th education course to 8'th, I have tried to find the problems of the 7'th course of study and the complements in the 8'th. On the basis of that, I have tried to consider the frequent misapplication of the honorific and to describe the proper teaching method so that Japanese teachers understand learners in advance and give a lecture to them efficiently.
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The Study of the Education of the Japanese Honorific language
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Kim, Jin-Hee
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2008. 8
Table Of Contents
第1章. 序論 = 1
1. 硏究의目的 = 1
2. 硏究의 方法 및 範圍 = 2
第2章. 現代日本語 敬語의 定義 및 分類 = 4
2-1 敬語와 待遇表現 = 4
2-2 敬語의 定議 및 分類 = 5
第3章. 言語的, 非言語的 表現要素로서의 敬語 = 9
3-1 言語的 表現要素로서의 敬語 = 9
3-2 非言語的인 表現要素로서의 敬語 = 27
第4章. 敬語 誤用表現과 敎師의 役割 = 35
第5章. 敬語敎育의 授業模型 = 41
5-1 敬語敎育의 授業 指導案 = 41
第6章. 結論 = 49
參考文獻 = 51
조선대학교 교육대학원
김진희. (2008). 日本語 敬語敎育의 硏究
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