日本大衆文化가 日本語學習에 미치는 影響에 관한 연구

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일본 대중문화 일본어학습
This study identifies the factors that may have effect of Japanese popular culture on Japanese learning through presenting theoretical grounds, and analyses the correlations between tastes of Japanese learners in Japanese popular culture, their interest and Japanese learning based on the results of questionnaire survey.
Current Japanese education that focuses on nurturing communicative ability requires learner-oriented education in which learners participate in learning activities actively and learn Japanese through experiences of problem-solving. In this context, as Japanese learners can be motivated to learn and understand the culture and acquire communicative ability through Japanese popular culture, the popular culture can be used as teaching and learning media.
In learning using a medium of Japanese popular culture, as TV dramas contain many daily-used languages, abbreviation or prosody that can not be dealt with in class is explicitly revealed, which helps learners to improve listening or speaking skills. As it is used as an audio-visual media, it motivates learners to be interested in the langage and works as a medium to lead their understanding of and interests in Japanese culture to transfer to Japanese learning.
These days, as we are more exposed to Japanese popular culture, there are worries about its bad impact on students, but in that Japanese learning through Japanese popular culture helps learners to understand a different culture and provides opportunities to experience the society, there is a high correlation between the Japanese popular culture and Japanese learning efficiency. However, the role of Japanese popular culture in Japanese learning is still insignificant. Of course, it is naturally accepted that Japanese popular culture is necessary for Japanese learning, but many teachers do not have positive images on Japanese popular culture, and as students are much interested in the culture, its impact is just recognized.
However, it is assumed that learners who are positively influenced by Japanese popular culture will be engaged in Japanese learning to learn their areas more intensively and joyously, and as a variety of Japanese textbooks on Japanese popular culture that meet such need are developed, it will play a significant role in promoting motivation of learners and their achievements. In this context, this study suggests that we need more intensive research on use of Japanese popular culture for Japanese learning.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Effect of Japanese Popular Culture on Japanese Learning
Alternative Author(s)
Hyun, So Young
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2008. 8
Table Of Contents
제Ⅰ장 서론 = 1
제Ⅱ장 일본대중문화가 일본어학습에 미치는 영향 = 4
1. 선행연구 = 4
2. 일본의 대중문화 = 6
2.1 대중문화의 정의 = 6
2.2 일본대중문화의 형성 = 9
2.3 일본대중문화의 특성 = 11
3. 일본어학습을 위한 일본대중문화 활용 = 14
3.1 외국어학습과 대중매체 = 14
3.1.1 매체의 개념 = 14
3.1.2 시청각매체의 특성과 학습효과 = 18
3.2 대중매체를 활용한 학습 동기유발 = 22
3.2.1 외국어학습 동기유발 = 24
제Ⅲ장 일본대중문화가 일본어학습에 미치는 영향에 대한 설문조사 분석 = 27
1. 설문조사 개요 = 27
2. 설문조사 결과 및 분석 = 29
2.1 일본대중문화의 호감도 및 관심도 분석 = 29
2.2 일본대중문화와 일본어학습과의 영향관계 분석 = 36
제Ⅳ장 결론 = 51
참고문헌(參考文獻) = 54
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
현소영. (2008). 日本大衆文化가 日本語學習에 미치는 影響에 관한 연구
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