李鈺의 『俚諺』 연구

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이옥 리언 정서별 분석
This treatise is for making a research about analyzing each emotions of 'Yi-Eon', which is poem that 'Moon-mu-Ja Lee-Ok' wrote. In the latter term of Chosun, Jeong-Jo age, for the reason of writing the answers in eccentric writings, Lee-Ok, is a person who sublimated his regrets and angers through 'Yi-Eon' and more other works with his literary attainments, since he was sent to the army and could never have a position in the government.
'Yi-Eon's the poetical subject was searched in the town life of normal life, examined it in detail and expressed his feelings realistic and objectively. That's why compared to the Korean poetry from the former term of Chosun, it has a big difference in the contents and expressions. However, though his view of poems are similar with the literary men from the positive school who created poems through realistic description by objective perceptions, the difference in 'Yi-Eon' is that the author was not set as a speaker in the story, and was set as a women and expressed the women's feelings objectively. This is the obtainments of the true feeling transcending the time and space.
Lee-ok has set 'the women's feeling' as sample of the poem to make the poem like a real poem. That is, 'Yi-Eon' was created by the thought that the essential beauty of the poem can be satisfied by the women's feelings like happiness, concern, hate and jokes. However, the present writer thinks that the inadequacy of the analysis through classification is caused by the lack of research. On the other hand, the researchers before has said that in 'Yi-Eon', the women's customs are expressed realistically and trusty by 'Lee-ok' classifying 'Yi-Eon' in pure, beauty, vigor and sadness. The present writer respects this research result too. Also, though Lee-ok's 'true feeling' expressed the women's feelings from their normal life in combination, the fundamental feelings are happiness, concern, hate and jokes. These feelings are not restricted by time and space, and immutable samples. That's why in this research, Lee-Ok's Yi-Eon-In is analyzed deeply, renew his view of poems, and analyze the feelings in Yi-Eon, and classify it in happiness, concern, hate and jokes.
For this, in chapter II, the background of the form of Lee-Ok's literature is researched by the classification of the social and ideological background. For the social background, the flow of the culture of Chosun in the 18th century was researched, and for the ideological background, the dualistic view of the world, the democracy, and the national identity was classified and studied.
In chapter III, a deep study of 'Sam-nan' by Yi-Eon-In which clarified Lee-Ok's view of poems was made.
In Chapter IV, the poem of Yi-Eon is summarized, the traits of each opening clauses were studied, through this, the feelings are classified by happiness, concern, hate, and joke, and the meanings were deeply studied through the analyzation of the poems of each feelings.
Lee-Ok's poetics tried to express the 'women's feelings' through a objective, realistic and a detailed examination for the poetic subject, and also, Lee-Ok is dividing the women's feeling into happiness, concern, hate, and joke in 'Lee-nan'. From this standard, in the result of the research of the main feelings in 'Lee-Un', the common thing which brings the feelings is that there is a normality between the poetic speaker and the people around him. That is, the joy and anger together with sorrow and pleasure is expressed by the effection from the people around the poetic speaker, but judging the feelings only with the human morality and value and distorting the truth is the poet's poems that time. However Lee-Ok denying the other writer's interventions that tries to hide the true feelings or interpret in another meaning instead of the true meaning. That's why he created a poem in a view of a woman that truly best expresses the human feeling.
The women that appears in Yi-Eon damages their fair of happiness, the feeling that the women wants to maintain to express the human's fundamental feeling, and gradually changes happiness into concern and concern into hate, and though the normality is expressed in the expression of the changes, it is expressed as their jealousy, envy, and self-indulgence. Lee-Ok saw these as the 'feeling of joking'. Like this, Yi-Eon saw the immutability transcending time and space as a 'feeling of men and women' and when it comes to expressing it in a poem he used the feeling of a women that makes the poem more like a poem. The feeling of a woman, is seen as happiness, concern, hate and joke.
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A study of Lee-ok's「Yi-Eon」: The center of emotional classification
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Noh, Hee-Jun
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
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2008. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구목적 = 1
2. 연구사 및 연구방향 = 2
Ⅱ. 이옥문학의 형성 배경 = 6
1. 조선후기의 문풍 = 6
2. 이옥 문학의 사상적 배경 = 10
Ⅲ. 「俚諺引」에 나타난 이옥의 시문학관 = 15
1. 객관성과 독창성 = 17
2. 眞情의 의미 = 21
3. 俚語의 사용 = 26
Ⅳ. 이옥 「俚諺」의 시 세계 = 30
1. 「俚諺」개관과 각 조별 특징 = 31
2. 「俚諺」정서별 분류 및 분석 = 35
Ⅴ. 결론 = 64
참고문헌 = 68
조선대학교 교육대학원
노희준. (2008). 李鈺의 『俚諺』 연구
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