미암 유희춘의 교유관계 연구

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미암 유희춘 교유관계
Miam Heechun Yoo (hereinafter called "He") was a literary man and bureaucrat in the Joseon Dynasty era. He was in government service after passing the state examination when he was 26 years old, but he went into exile at 35, cause of falsely implicated in YangJaeYukByukSeo. while exiling period he read widely, wrote plenty of books and mand an effort to young men training. When Sunjo was crowned in 1567, he was pardoned and consecutively filled various government posts. At that time he was showed honorable figure of bureaucrat and he basked in royal favor as a teacher of load. About the time when he was pardoned and appointed to bureaucrat, he wrote Miam's Diary from October 1567 to May 1577. Looking around the contents of a Miam's Diary, we can imagine he had a lager variety of relationship with intellects of the age.
Looking around the contents of Heechun Yoo's Social-intercourse, first Master and disciple relationship of his connection of Learning was descended from KiMyoSaRim such as Ankuk Kim, Sandoo Choi etc. He was learned SoHak from Ankuk kim, As a disciple of Jongjik kim, Ankuk kim established SoHak becoming a practical basic Learning and Heechun Yoo, disciple of Ankuk Kim also was learned SoHak's importance and laid emphasis on SoHak as much as put the first Number among Leanings. He asked Sandoo Choi for help when he was at 20, who was in close reletionship and connected with his family and academic back-ground. Sandoo choi also inherited Joseon confucianism which was handed down from Koingpil Kim's Learning and Thoughts and he was called as an eminent scholar of Honam region later on.
Second, He widely exchanged social-intercourse with scholars of Hanam region. While exiling period he eased his loneliness with Inhoo Kim through 15poetry and he was devoted to compose a poem also built a relationship with as an academic friend in order to relieve his adverse circumstances and promote a friendship sincerely. He went back to Dam-Yang and asked Eungjung Yang for help to deal with the king's orders that were conducted researches in "The scriptures; the sacred book" and organized "THE FOUR BOOKS OF ANCIENT CHINA" ; The Analects of Confucius, The works of Mencius, The Doctrine of the Mean and The Great Learning. He finished those works in good order so that they accumulated profound leaning mutually and distinguished themselves in progress of Confucianism. When he went into exile cause of falsely implicated in YangJaeYukByuSeo, Sechan Na deprived of his government service through vindicating Heechun Yoo's innocence. The courageous figure of like this so that they were became a close friend. We can see their friendship despite over 15 years of gap through expressing his deep sorrow at Sechan Na's death by writing poetry.
Third Although There's a limitation of women's literary activity in those days, Dukbong Song who was Heechun Yoo's wife, stayed creative with that as a woman poet. when Heechun Yoo composed a poem, he reflected his wife's view as much as possible also respecting that and took a receptive attitude to her view. With this they were sustained impartially their conjugal relations by poetry friend and through poetry they enhanced their status.
Let's look around his Social-intercourse relationship. He was lived for ages in Honam region so that he formed close relation with local celebrities. Especially Celebrities who was come from Hanam region, took an active part in 16th century, he associated with Honam celebrities with trust and integrity in a government post. Moreover we were confirming that he was extending his Knowledge and judgment besides showed us as an intellectual, exemplary scholar, literary man and bureaucrat. Lastly we're looking forward to renew his Social-intercourse relationship and stand his status.
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The study of Miam heechun Yoo's social-intercourse relationship
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Chung, Ha Im
교육대학원 교육대학원
교육대학원 한문교육
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2008. 8
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3. 부인 송덕봉과의 詩交 = 45
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교육대학원 교육대학원
정하임. (2008). 미암 유희춘의 교유관계 연구
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