현 고등학교 음악교과서의 국악교육내용 분석연구

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An Analytic Study on the Area of Korean Traditional Music in the Current High School Music Textbooks
- Focused on the 7th curriculum -

Kim, Jeong - Eun
Advisor : Prof. Kim, Seung - Il
Major in Music Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

This thesis is a research on music textbooks in high school it is examined the characteristic of the 7th Music Education curriculum and the contents about traditional music. Especially, this study aims that we recognize the importance of our traditional classical music and examine whether the eight kinds of present high school music textbook in the 7th curriculum are up to the character, purpose and contents of the educational curriculum, and that after we find out the problems and analyze the activities of our traditional classical music into four categories, we can search for the improved ideas about the music textbook using this study appropriately and make the proper lessons as we wished for our traditional classical music.
In the 7th curriculum, the importance of traditional classical music education has been stressed, and music textbook is a important learning material being well weaved in contents and activities so that a traditional classical music education can be effectively made just as the present curriculum intends.
For this purpose, this study looked into the ratio of traditional classical music section in the textbooks through the classification by classical music subject matter tunes of 8 kinds of present high school music textbooks, and then compared and analyzed more closely the contents by activities fields - singing, instrumental music, creative work and appreciation.
First, the result shows that the ratio of national classical music subject tunes in the textbooks was various by textbooks from 44%, the highest, to 22%, the lowest, significantly less than that of Western music.
Second, from the analysis of classification by area, I could found that the field of singing and appreciation for the music was highly active in the record of current status of traditional classical music activity, that is, there was too much emphasis on the certain music area presenting that the folk song gave undue value to the singing area and the instrumental music was too much isolated into Danso (short bamboo flute) and Janggu (double-headed drum pinched in at the middle. In creative activity area, classical music contents were insufficient compared with other areas, and only one of 8 kinds' textbooks has contained ' an impromptu making', which shows going wrong with present curriculum stressing improvised performance. Appreciation area was much short of the number of common pieces of music needed for traditional classical music learning, and there was no consistency in the containing of appreciation tunes every textbook. Further, the problems remain in the curriculum, such as the difficulties of integrating the lessons due to the irrelevance between categories of the lessons and the environmental conditions inside the school such as posting the musical instruments.
To improve present problems, it is suggested that the textbook should be produced for correlating different areas each other, the clear standardization should be described for the required common musical composition in the textbook and more various musical composition and rich contents should be established for student having various musical experiences.
Alternative Author(s)
kim jung eun
조선대학교 교육대학원 음악교육
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

제 1장 서론 ····························································································1
제 1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적 ·······························································1
제 2절 연구의 범위 및 방법 ··································································2
1. 연구의 방법·················································································3
2. 연구의 범위················································································3

제 2장 이론적 배경 ·················································································4
제 1절 제 7차 음악과 교육과정·······························································4
1. 제 7차 음악과 교육과정의 특징······················································4
2. 음악과 목표와 내용·······································································4
가. 음악과 목표·············································································4
나. 음악과 내용 체계······································································5
(1) 이해 영역·············································································5
(2) 활동 영역·············································································7
3. 음악과 교수 ․ 학습 방법·································································8
4. 음악과 평가 ················································································9
제 2절 고등학교 교육과정에 나타난 국악지도내용의 변화·························10
1. 제 1차 ~ 제 6차 교육과정에서의 국악지도 내용·····························10
2. 제 7차 교육과정에서의 국악 지도 내용········································13
제 3절 국악 교육의 의의와 중요성·························································15 1. 국악교육의 의의··········································································15
2. 국악 교육의 중요성·····································································16
제 3장 제 7차 교육과정의 고등학교 8종 음악교과서 국악내용 분석 ············17
제 1절 8종 음악교과서의 국악 제재곡의 분석 ······································ 17
제 2절 국악 수록곡의 활동영역 비율·····················································19
제 3절 각 제재 곡에 따른 영역별 국악내용 분석·····································20

1. 가창 영역···················································································20
가. 국악 가창곡의 종류 및 이해·····················································20
나. 국악 가창용 제재곡 현황··························································22
(1) 민요···················································································24
(2) 시조 및 가곡·······································································28
(3) 판소리 (창극)와 단가····························································29
(4) 창작노래 및 기타 악곡·························································30
2. 기악 영역···················································································32
가. 국악 기악 제재곡의 내용··························································32
(1) 악기에 의한 분류·································································33
3. 창작 영역···················································································35
가. 국악 창작 영역의 내용·····························································36
4. 감상 영역···················································································37
가. 국악 감상 영역의 내용·····························································38
제 4절 문제점 및 개선 방안··································································45
1. 문제점·······················································································45
가. 가창 영역···············································································45
나. 기악 영역···············································································45
다. 창작 영역···············································································46
라. 감상 영역···············································································46
2. 개선방안····················································································47
가. 가창 영역···············································································47
나. 기악 영역···············································································47
다. 창작 영역···············································································48
라. 감상 영역···············································································48

제 4장 결론 및 제언···············································································48

참고문헌 ························································································50

표 목 차

제 7차 고등학교 교육인적자원부 검정 8종 음악 교과서··························· 3
제 7차 음악과 교육과정의 목표······························································5
고등학교 음악과 내용 체계표 - 이해 영역···············································6
고등학교 음악과 내용 체계표 -활동영역··················································7
제 6차 교육과정까지의 고등학교 국악 지도 내용····································11
제 7차 교육과정에 나타난 국악 지도 내용·············································14
8종 교과서에 나타난 제재 곡 분포························································18
고등학교 8종 교과서 국악 수록곡 활동영역 비율 ···································19
8종 음악교과서의 국악 가창곡 분류 ·····················································23
가창곡 장르별 분류·············································································24
민요의 지역별 분류·············································································25
민요의 토리별 분류·············································································27
가창영역 - 시조 및 가곡 수록 현황······················································29
가창영역 -판소리와 단가 수록 현황······················································30
가창영역 - 창작노래 및 기타 악곡 수록 현황········································31
기악 영역 내용 분류···········································································33
기악영역 - 악기별 분류······································································34
창작 영역 내용 분류···········································································36
감상영역 내용 분류·············································································39
감상영역 장르별 내용 분류 - 기악곡····················································40
감상영역 장르별 내용분류 - 성악곡․ 창작곡···········································41
조선대학교 교육대학원
김정은. (2007). 현 고등학교 음악교과서의 국악교육내용 분석연구
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