칼 오르프 교수법을 적용한 리듬 학습

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Rhythm is the most primitive of the musical elements and the first musical response of human being, so it has been used to express our feeling since prehistory.
That is the most crucial factor of music, and people have creatively expressed their feelings through rhythm. School curriculum, therefore, should deal with rhythm as one of the important elements.
This thesis focuses on the music education philosophy and the rhythm instruction methods of Carl Orff, whose influences has spread after the 20th century, and also tries to propose the basic materials for rhythm instruction and explore the possibilities of his application to the classroom.
The purpose of this study was to present cases of adopting percussion instruments already used in school, of utilizing new realia tool that we could have easier access to and of making such kind of tool, to apply the cases to rhythm learning, and finally to develop a desirable lesson plan by using simple instruments.
1. Music education philosophy, basic elements of rhythm instruction,
and rhythm instruction methods proposed by Orff.
2. Study about the Orff instruments that can be used in rhythm learning or other percussions.
3. Suggesting the process of learning rhythm and the application of percussion in rhythm learning.
Percussion instruments seemed to enable learners to develop their musical and rhythmical sense, enjoy music and express their, emotion through it.
Rhythm practice through plays and percussion instruments seemed to enable learners to develop their musical and rhythmical sense, enjoy music and express their emotion through it.
In conclusion, their belief to develop balanced musicality and improve human life through comprehensive rhythm instruction is one of the important principles to accept, and their specific instructional methods are applicable to our music class.
It will be valuable to research to apply the common principles, beliefs, and instructional methods of Orff into our classroom, even though there are some non-applicable points to our education.
Alternative Author(s)
Seo Mi-ok
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차


I. 서론 ·····························································································1
1. 연구의 의의와 목적 ····························································1
2. 연구의 내용과 방법 ····························································3

II. 이론적 배경 ··············································································4
1. 칼 오르프의 생애와 오르프 슐베르크······························4
2. 오르프 교수법의 특성·······················································11

III. 악기의 이해 ···················································································14
1. 오르프 악기········································································14
1-1. 오르프 악기의 이해························································14
1-2. 오르프 악기 지도····························································17
1-3. 오르프의 리듬 학습이론············································18
2-1. 학교 음악수업에 활용하는 타악기························22
2-2. 생활 주변의 도구를 활용한 타악기························26

IV. 악기를 통한 리듬 학습 ························································26
1. 리듬 지도············································································26
2. 리듬 학습··············································································34
2-1. 리듬 학습 프로그램·····························································34
2-2. 오르프의 리듬 교육방법을 적용한 수업지도안··············34

V. 결론 ·························································································37

참고문헌 ························································································38

표 목 차

작은 타악기·········································································· 16
리듬 지도 단계······································································27
단계별 리듬 지도안······························································29
리듬 지도안···········································································30
리듬 지도안 ··········································································31
리듬 지도안···········································································32
리듬 지도안·········································································33 오르프 수업 지도안·····························································34
조선대학교 교육대학원
서미옥. (2007). 칼 오르프 교수법을 적용한 리듬 학습
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