중학교 수학 수준별 이동수업의 효과적인 지도방안(대학생 보조교사를 활용한 수업의 지도방안)

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Efficient Teaching Methods for Differentiated Mathematics Class at Secondary Schools
- Teaching Plans using College Students as Assistant Teachers -

Author : Kang Joung Hee
Advisor : Professor Park, Soon-Cheol
Dept. of Mathematics Education,
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

The differentiated curriculum according to levels which is the core of the 7th national curriculum was prevailed at secondary and high schools due to the governmental policies in 1997. However, as the voice of opposition against differentiated transfer was class increased, only a few secondary schools conducted the differentiated transfer class even in 2003 when the 7th curriculum began to be applied for the whole grades. Present schools which intended to expand the transfer class system for substantiality of school education did not realize the system as it was intended because of insufficient development and evaluation of textbooks, lack in staff in charge of the transfer class, uniformed class which does not meet the differentiated curriculum, and negative recognition of teachers, students and students' parents.
Therefore, We aim that this study is to develop efficient teaching plans for differentiated transfer class in order to improve learning capability of students who have poor family environment. Especially, since they have low learning intention and academic achievements, the difference in their learning abilities is very big. For the purpose, We organize this study as the class according to levels of mathematics which requires differentiated learning activities. and use textbooks and learning aids according to students' levels.
교육대학원 교육행정
Awarded Date
2008. 2
강정희. (2007). 중학교 수학 수준별 이동수업의 효과적인 지도방안(대학생 보조교사를 활용한 수업의 지도방안)
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