제7차 교육과정 고등학교 과학 교과서의 시각 자료에 관한 연구 -물질 단원을 중심으로

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A textbook is the most important studying material which both students and teachers can use for schooling. Authors of textbooks have been making efforts to let students understand and adapt what the authors present in textbooks. A textbook is consist of drawing, photograph, diagram, graph as well as text. Teens want a more various and creative textbook than monotonous one that they used to study. Also they want a symbolical textbook that they can understand contents easily. According to such tendency, a textbook consisted of carton is recently published and a various textbook that aim visual effect may be published. Therefore, visual materials included in a textbook is getting more important.
In this respect, this thesis selected four kinds of textbook in the 7th curriculum highschool common science. And chose the 'K' textbook to see the detailed function, contents agreement and explanatory appropriacy. It analyzed visual materials which are presented in the chapter 3, 'material unit' which is correspond to the chemistry range among the whole units. More specifically It analyzed the classification of according to the function, between agreement degrees of visual material and main text contents and explanatory appropriacy in the visual materials.
Through this studying, the acquired results are as follows,
First, Among 4 kinds of text book, Pages which related to the visual materials are amount to 87%. Drawing and table having concret title in the 'K' textbook is amount to 50%.
Second, Table visual materials are shown to present material perfectly. Consequently tables are made to give the simple data, they do not function properly as visual materials.
Third, visual material's function is essential or supportive but ornamental function is shown least.
Fourth, the result of the concurrence between visual materials and main text contents, the 5th stage evaluation is shown average 3.32 through evaluation value of drawing is good as 4.00, average value in the case of picture is lower as 3.32. on the other hand, an explanatory diagram, graph and picture plus explanatory diagram's value are revealed superior as 3.81, 4.00 and 4.00 respectrvely.
Lastly, the result of analyting on explanatory appropriateness is revealed average 3.08 at the 5th stage evaluation.
We can see explanatory appropriateness is advanced compared to the suggested explanatory degree 2.87 on the visual materials in the 6th curriculum highschool science textbook.
Under the background of this studying results, future elementary science textbook which will develop is required to investigate coninually on the student's motive psychology and recognition psychology about the visual materials.
We can suggest that sufficient research and scrutiny and class adaptation studying should be from the stage of the text contents development so that students themselves can understand and interpret the meaning of representing visual material together with textbook contents part.
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 화학교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차


I. 서 론
1. 연구의 필요성과 목적
2. 연구내용
3. 연구의 제한점

II. 이론적 배경
1. 교수매체로서의 시각자료의 정의
2. 교수매체로서의 시각자료의 역할
3. 시각자료의 기능
4. 교과서에 제시되는 시각자료의 중요성
5. 선행연구

III. 연구방법
1. 연구 대상(교과서)
2. 연구 방법
2.1. 시각 자료 분석
2.2. 시각 자료의 제시 형태에 따른 분류
2.3. 시각 자료의 기능에 따른 분류
2.4. 시각 자료와 본문 내용의 일치도
2.5. 시각 자료와 설명도
3. 자료 수집 및 분석

IV. 연구결과 및 논의
1. 시각 자료 분석
2. 시각 자료의 제시 형태에 따른 분류
3. 시각 자료 기능에 따른 분류
4. 시각 자료와 교과서 본문 내용에 대한 일치도 분석
5. 시각 자료의 설명 적절성

Ⅴ. 결론 및 제언

영은사 인쇄소
서형정. (2007). 제7차 교육과정 고등학교 과학 교과서의 시각 자료에 관한 연구 -물질 단원을 중심으로
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