아동미술교육에 있어서 창의적인 표현을 위한 재료 활용에 관한 연구

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Study on using material for creative expressions in art education

Choy, Keum jeong
Advisr: Prof. Jin, Won Jang Ph.D
Major in Fine Arts Education
Graduate School of Education
Chosun University

For children, art education is not just learning simple techniques or saving up knowledge but it is building an aesthetic feeling and cultivating an artistic character and talent along with creativity. Because a child thinks freely and actively and shows curiosity in various aspects, art education at this age has an effective influence on the development of the child's creativity. The current Art education for children, which gives priority to simple techniques of self-expression, is not capable of improving the child's creativity or developing their desire for self-expression, which proves that Art classes using variety of materials are required.
Therefore, this research is designed to try to develop a concrete and effective Art education, which can make the children look at the surrounding world from a new angle of view, develop creativity in a more entertaining and free environment by experiencing art activities to discover the materials' capability by using diverse materials from the surrounding world and to invite interest towards Art; and to revive the original meaning of Art as apleasant and initiative activity.
By theoretical investigation this research inquires into the meaning of creativity in Art education, its importance in art activities, and search for possibilities of expression which go along with surrounding materials and measures to use the techniques following it.
Moreover, by mixing different materials the research managed to expand the ability in composing pictures and abundant peculiarities of formative arts. As stated above, by putting into practice a new method of expression in Art, using surrounding materials, we managed to obtain unexpected picture effects, and by peculiarities of materials we also achieved creative and original expressions.
Based on the following research this investigator thinks that it is necessary to change the view over art materials, which had been used meaninglessly in the process of art education before, and to hold active experiments to develop creativity in art expression, through an integrated map, which uses the surrounding materials and hopes that steadily investigating new and more creative materials it will be possible to realize the creative course in art education, which can enlarge the range of unlimited possibilities and expressions, by actually applying it in classes for children.
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
최금정. (2007). 아동미술교육에 있어서 창의적인 표현을 위한 재료 활용에 관한 연구
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