만화를 활용한 디자인 수업 지도방안에 관한 연구

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Research on teaching ways for design
using a folk paintings?- Focused on identity design -

Koh Seon-Hee
Advisor : Prof. Kim Dea-Won
Major in Fine Arts Education
Graduate School of Education
Chosun University

As mass media has developed and become more globalized, it is true that teenagers become slaves of western culture as they accept western civilization thoughtlessly. So education of tradition is the most important thing to prevent losing our identity, and it is also essential to know our own tradition to understand global culture and develop it.? In the point of art education, our traditional art education is really needed and it would be a good source of developing teenager's interest and knowledge about our tradition. We have thousands of unique outstanding traditional arts that never be defeated by others. Especially falk arts are a representative among them. The forms of Korean falk art are totally different from those of Western art. They are also quite different from those of Asian art. The difference mentioned above comes from the view of the world, which reflects Korean inner spirit area and influences on Korean art widely. However splendid Korean art tradition is, there will be no more progress if we look on it as what it is. We have to succeed in our tradition and make a progress of it to survive in the competitive world market as the advertisement reads 'even with our own design and brand, we can produce world famous products if they are combined together.' Hereby we are looking for the method of using folk painting character and the modern formative art in identity design class. With the phenomena of radical change in our society, business diversity, market globalization, multinational brand and so on, we are entering 'a global era'. That is to say, we are getting into digital information era as diversity and individuality are getting more important.
With the progress of electronic intelligence communication technology, the gravity of 'identity design' is getting bigger and bigger. Additionally, CI, BI design that has our own traditional image would have more strong points than ever as our own brand.
I performed this research with a teaching master plan and enough data. This research was also done in 'a design class with falk paintings'. 101 students ,who are in the first grade and whose majors are computer design, were divided into three groups in the research. I enlisted the help of them from Jun to July in 2007. Before the research class, I fulfilled questionary about basic knowledge and interest of identity design.
The result of it revealed that the interest of identity design was somewhat high, but basic knowledge and interest of falk paintings was very low. The students, who have the recognition that tradition is musty and just the old like it, didn't understand the design class at all.
To solve the problem like that, in the first step I made them prepare folk paintings data by themselves and learn basic knowledge through appreciation of folk paintings. Then I let them preview, examine, review and reenforce their lessons. At first, many students were disappointed when I explained the goal and the course of a 'identity design class' using folk paintings. But they were getting more interested in 'folk paintings image preparing' and most students took part in their own art works. Thus the class preceded smoothly. They participated in the class seriously and confidently and recognize computer graphic as new concept of art instrument simply because their major was computer graphic. But even though with superior computer graphic.
I had many difficulties in designing a new field of 'identity design' through falk art creation. The student who was poor especially at painting had a hard time to design a character and many students used the image from internet or the imitation image.
Therefore we made an attempt to search traditional image material in many fields and we also tried to experience many techniques and feel national spirit and thought from the traditional symbols. We struggled to make the class creative anyway. As a result. the students could find out a variety of colors, patterns and space organizations through the 'identity design' classes and they were able to have yes for Korean traditional beauty.
If art teachers develop the method of teaching traditional art and search for art materials concerned, students could apprehend Korean traditional beauty and take a pride in our tradition. By succeeding in the practicability of traditional Korean art, students will grow genuine Koreans in the world.
Alternative Author(s)
Koh Seon-Hee
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
Table Of Contents
目 次


Ⅰ. 序論 1
1. 硏究의 目的 1
2. 硏究의 方法 및 範圍 2
Ⅱ. 民畵에 대한 考察 3
1. 民畵의 槪念과 特性 3
2. 民畵의 類型 6
3. 民畵의 表現技法 7
1) 畵面의 平面化와 각 事物의 色滯效果 7
2) 多視點의 童詩的 表現과 遠近法의 무시 9
3) 複合性과 反復性 11
Ⅲ. 디자인에 關한 考察 13
1. 디자인의 槪念과 條件 13
2. 아이덴티티 디자인 15
1) 아이덴티티디자인의 槪念 및 必要性 15
2) 아이덴티티 디자인의 分類 16
3) CI디자인 17
4) BI디자인 18
5) CI, BI 開發의 期待 效果 19
6) 우리나라의 아이덴티티디자인 19
Ⅳ. 民畵를 活用한 아이덴티티 디자인 授業指導方案 26
1. 民畵指導를 위한 先行條件 26
2. 디자인 敎育과 컴퓨터 그래픽 28
3. 컴퓨터 그래픽 授業의 特徵 29
4. 民畵를 活用한 컴퓨터디자인 授業 模型 30
1) 計劃段階 30
2) 診斷段階 34
3) 指導段階 42
4) 發展段階 49
5) 評價段階 53
Ⅴ. 結果分析과 指導의 效果 57
1. 學生作品 分析 57
2. 指導의 效果 64
Ⅵ. 結論 66

參考文獻 68
고선희. (2007). 만화를 활용한 디자인 수업 지도방안에 관한 연구
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