南冥 曺植의 學問과 現實認識

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A Study on NamMyung Jo-Shik's Learning and Recognition on Reality

Seung-hee Im

Advisor : Prof. Jong-bum Lee
Major in History Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun uiversity

The purpose of this paper is to explore scholarship's background, study, government's view of Jo-Shik(1501-1572), and his activity and role in Literati through previous studies. With this study, I will examine what his scholar does mean to us.
The background of his scholar is greatly influenced from both economic base of his maternal line and the house of his wife's parents and geographical condition as sarim(士林) of kangwoo(江右) in kyungsang(慶尙). He accepted the history of NoJung, Buddhism and Ju Wang school only if the scholar is available for the real life. Thus he emphasize the respect(敬), Justice(義) for practical stydy. He intended to accomplish the royal road for the people, we can recognize his philosophy through the appeal to the king.
Jo-Shik made friends with various scholars, build communication network. The an assembly of Bo-Eun is typical example. For this reason, Hoon Goo party felt the political crisis, so they would terminated the Sa-Rim party. Lee-Ryang event is typical case. Though they are snuffed out by the relative on king maternal line, they have the political power at Sun-Jo's regime. But they didn't recongnize the political real, so they lost political power and were splitted and collapsed. Only Jo-Shik greatly had criticized the political real, this point is linked with practical school(實學思想).
The life of Jo-Shik is composed of the consistent effort to make the people happy through completing the royal road plitics.
Today, we are drowned at value disorder, but if we could learn the civility, fundamental rule, common sense from his philosophy, His philosophy would be splendid in these day.
Alternative Author(s)
Seung-hee Im
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 역사교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

Ⅰ.머리말 1

Ⅱ.學問 形成의 背景 3
1.修學과 交遊 3
2.慶尙右道의 現實 批判的 學風 6
3.講學의 중심무대 智異山 9

Ⅲ.조식의 學問과 出處觀 12
1.老 ․ 佛 ․ 陽明學의 이해와 비판 12
2.'敬 ․ 義' 중심의 實踐 學問 15
3.現實認識과 出處觀 18

Ⅳ.조식의 活動과 役割 24
1.乙卯辭職疏 24
2.속리산 遊山 29
3.李樑 事件과 曺植 33
4.戊辰封事 36

Ⅴ.맺음말 40

참고문헌 42
조선대학교 교육대학원
임승희. (2007). 南冥 曺植의 學問과 現實認識
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