국어교과서 수록 고전시가 지도방안 연구

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A Study on the Teaching Methods of Classic Poetry in Korean textbook

Ha-neul Park.
Advisor : Prof. Jeong-Ju Kim.
Major in Korean Language Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

We have experience various aspects of life through literary works because literature is a reflection of life. Therefore literature education has to develop leaner's ability of understanding works actively and sympathizing with feelings and ideas which are existed inside of these rather than focusing on analysis of the contents.
That is the same as classic poetry education. Classic poetry is easily accepted as the past, but it is valuable because it does not only succeed to historical tradition which is made by gripping forerunners' spirit and masterpieces of national culture but also enriches present life with existing value.
The study found a problem that classic poetry which has educational value has treated as fixed image by learners, not as familiar things. So we started it to make students have an affinity and interesting with classic poetry.
Primary purpose of the study is to have a thorough grasp of the problem on classic poetry education and to change it for better. Ultimate purpose is presenting a teaching plan which make student able to reorganize works in relation to their own life by internalizing feelings and values from appreciation of works by themselves. The study is expected as a way to form desirable understanding about tradition and it will go for enhancing literary attainment.
Chapter II, it explores the development of classic poetry education by looking at classroom environment, and diagnoses drawbacks to education in detail based on in-depth research. As an analysis of each research item, there are several problems to be pointed out: the classroom activity which adhere to translation of texts, passively accepting learners in traditional teaching method, and just answering reading comprehension questions of the basic type.
Chapter III examines more topics related with concerns about teaching Classic poetry and has more directions for the future based on several considerations to be taken in precious chapter. The education of Classic poetry should be focused on appreciation of poetry and on the lecture whose attention is becoming students' interest.
In addition, classroom testing should be changed into a variety of performance-based assessment, which is not just offering paper-and-pencil selective response tests of a plethora of separate items but encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning.
Chapter IV, related previous chapters, presents the classroom activities for Classic poetry; , , and discussed at Chapter II and III. In order to consider reality when one is developing and implementing programs, this chapter concentrates on ways of devising a plan and analyzing the goals, and includes some activities associated with.
Good classic poetry education aims broadly to make students actively take participate in negotiating what they learn. Thus, their ideas are rearranged, modified, or expanded as their own product is created. Hopefully, throughout the process, the education of classic poetry will have to change a fixed lock-step teaching into participatory learning: learners can internalize the writers' feelings and thoughts with interests when depending more on oneself rather than the teacher, therefore, they are able to discover the meaning and value of the classics.
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2008. 2
조선대학교 교육대학원
박하늘. (2007). 국어교과서 수록 고전시가 지도방안 연구
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