아동미술 교육의 창의력 신장을 위한 재료연구

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아동미술교육 창의력 초등학교 3학년 교과서 creativity children
The fins arts education most the aim which is important to advance the individual who is a subject of originality thought. All children have initiative and must develop initiative that is latened through art education. Because education that foster initiative rightly becomes education that embody circle more rightly the future justly.
Child's initiative can develop more efficiently receiving surroundings various environmental condition and teacher active teach that do not develop for oneself in a blank state. But, have slant which ignore essence and social request of art from psychology side immoderate emphasis in present age, caused teacher's negative altitude in art education.
Teacher will be beaconed to foster right sensitivity of children as present suitable expression method for dictionary knowledge and creative expression activity for art whole in elementary school spot because first of all, active guidance is necessary time. And does not develop into only teacher's expression method coaching children, and should be teach depending on child's level. It is work which make atmosphere that respect expression volition of children by the most important thing as coaches children on the spot and encourages initiative.
Teacher's ability who child leads so that can express freely and express as individual own emotion and ideas urgently need. That is, will be beaconed in original expression elevation of children if present various use method of material and study of expression technique and various program that can stimulate aesthetic sensitivity of child laying stress on various material use according to development necessity of program that is fit in this request and actuality thinking that should be developed from elementary school process so that most important target of art education sees from viewpoint of develop initiative that is latented of child and children can be refurbished expression ability through a lot of experiences.
Teacher must help so that offer a various experiment and inventive representation, and understand correctly special quality of material children to selection of suitable and various data with correct motivation in subject, and standard of material selection that cause interest express according to eye-level considering child's development state must cover.
Also, work which volition selects difficult or incongruent material as children use previously of gracious consideration is that should observe to experience new material.
While search of comprehension and method for enough material is required so that children can make friends with material and know characteristic, art education method until now have fostered attitude which repeats this because there is existent frame and copies passively by children. But, initiative may develop in process that express oneself if art class is proceeded interestingly. There is to in our country child art education problem teaches leaning in function without offering that they need depending on children level. Art may have to be readied environment that can deal with factor with sight data that is rich by sight training wholeheartedly besides. Children are due to present our environment that do not feel constraint art because do not become ability. Therefore, we will have to study so that desirable art education that do to do not lean in function and result in education method and refurbish creative mind of children may be achieved continuously.
So, this essay searches importance of art material in initiative teaching in child's art activity and presented problem and direction that must go forward examines characteristic of a text book and art expression materials by contents system, kind to an art text book that current elementary school 3,4 grades is using, and analyzes usage count. Also, presented model of instruction that searches necessary various kinds material and method in art activity of text book outside and presents practical use plan by subject and uses various material and expression method depending on present 3 grade of elementary curriculum.
Alternative Title
The material research to elevate the creativity of children : On the textbook of 3rd grade elementary school
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, yun-ah
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2007. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
A. 연구의 목적 = 1
B. 연구방법 및 범위 = 2
Ⅱ. 창의적 미술교육과 재료의 연관성 = 3
A. 미술교육과 창의성 = 3
1. 창의성의 개념 및 특성 = 3
2. 창의적 미술 교육의 필요성 및 실제 = 7
B. 재료와 창의성의 관계 = 10
1. 재료와 창의성 = 10
2. 기법과 창의성 = 13
3. 재료와 기법의 활용 = 14
Ⅲ. 아동미술교육의 현장의 실태(초등학교 3학년을 중심으로) = 19
A. 교과서의 내용 체계와 교수-학습 방법 = 19
B. 초등학교 3·4학년 미술교과서의 재료 비교 = 22
1. 교과과정의 재료분석 = 26
2. 교과과정의 표현기법 = 28
C. 문제점 = 29
D. 개선방안 = 30
Ⅳ. 수업모형 제시 = 33
A. 탐색 가능한 미술재료와 표현기법 = 33
1. 탐색 가능한 미술재료 = 33
2. 여러 가지 기법연구 = 34
B. 다양한 재료를 이용한 창의적 표현 지도 방법 = 36
C. 수업모형 = 37
Ⅴ. 결론 = 54
참고문헌 = 56
조선대학교 교육대학원
김윤아. (2007). 아동미술 교육의 창의력 신장을 위한 재료연구
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