사회교과의 정보화사회교육 개선방안에 관한 연구

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사회교과 정보화사회교육 개선방안 제7차 교육과정 사회교과서
The change into an information-oriented society has a large effect on social life of human being or sociologic education. This needs of change of the time and new demands for education were reflected to the revision process of education course, and the basic policy of 7^(th) sociologic education course was set as 'upbringing of citizenly quality that leads the social change in the era of globalization, information and openness'. Further more, as a desirable citizenly quality, it emphasizes the skill that gathers, handles, expresses and applies information, and the ability of self-leading study, critical thought, rational decision and initiative spirit on the basis of the sense of responsibility and authority as a citizen and the ability of social participation. In this manner, information is the principal axis in basic direction and objective of sociologic education course. Textbooks are the education courses itself and the educational contents at the forefront with which teachers, students and parents of students meet. This research was conducted to be a help for feasibility verification about the matter that 'Are the textbooks, which are very important in school, adequate in realizing「the objectives related with information」 which are important elements in the objective of sociologic education and the basic direction of 7^(th) sociologic education course?'
Study method was「method of contents analysis」which is one of the method among general social science, and its analytic object was 2 kinds of textbooks as 『Jihak Publishing』and『Daehane Textbook』among 8 kinds of textbooks. The method was the one that, by setting the standard for the existence of relation with information in the contents of the textbooks, yields and analyzes its contents according to this standard. The detail purpose of this study, starting point of contents and results of this study could be ordered as follows.
Firstly, what portion of weight does the content related with information take quantitatively among the entire contents of sociologic textbooks? As the analytic results of the two textbooks, the amount related with information was 18.84% in the whole textbooks. It can be well aware that a large amount is allocated quantitatively to achieve the objective of cultivating democratic citizens who are possible to adapt to an information-oriented society, which was set as an objective of 7^(th) education course.
Secondary, are the newspaper materials which need the nature of current events or applicable materials on internet always up-dated? In both of the two textbooks, the first editions were published on March 1^(st) 2002 and the textbooks used in this study were second editions published on March 1^(st) 2007. That is to say, these textbooks will be used for the first grade students of high school. 73% of the materials were the same as former ones established in 2002 when the first edition was established. It can be well aware that after the first edition, complemented materials from 2003 to 2006 were only 27%. The component ratio of materials, which were complemented newly for 4 years after publishing the first edition, was revealed low. It hints there is a limit for publishing condition and system of textbook to cope with rapidly changing society.
Thirdly, when the contents of textbooks related with information-related society are classified by the field of activity for learning objective (information·understanding, function, application, value), what aspect does the distribution of each field show? It can be well aware that 79.94% of materials are allocated to the field of understanding and function for a knowledge and general idea. Especially, Inconvenience is, in the information-oriented society that changes rapidly, that the contents related with information is insufficient which can contribute to the ability of self-leading study, critical thought, rational decision, initiative spirit and the establishment of upright values.
Fourthly, so that the electronic materials may supplement and support the paper textbooks, is the online supporting system of each publishing company put in practice properly? It can be well aware that, despite of the specific character of sociologic subject which has to apply social change sensitively, the fact that the materials, which needs the nature of current events, remain behind is the main cause to decrease a learning motive and interest. As the results from visiting, searching and analyzing the homepages of the 2 publishing companies among 8 of them, although there is much difference according to the publishing companies, much to be desired was reveled in online supporting system that can complement paper textbooks. Publishing company having the consciousness of responsibility, the system is urgent which can support complemented or renewed material whenever necessary for the teachers and students at school.
As the annalistic results of textbooks, though the contents related with information take large portion quantitatively, materials that introduce site for material collection or simple searching function to find information was laid stress upon. And it can be well aware that the contents for the ability of critical thought, initiative spirit, ability of rational decision, pursuit of value and the field of experience or humanity education is insufficient. Much effort is thought to be needed in improving and making use of online supporting system to overcome the critical point at the publication of paper textbooks.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Improvement of Information Society Education on the Social Studies : Focused on Contents Analysis of 『Social Studies』Textbook for 7^(th) High School Curriculum
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O, Chang-Ju
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일반사회교육
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2007. 8
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제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 필요성과 목적 = 1
제2절 연구의 대상 및 범위 = 4
제3절 연구의 방법 = 6
제2장 이론적 배경 = 7
제1절 정보화 사회와 교육 = 7
1. 정보화 사회 = 7
2. 정보화 사회와 교육 = 13
제2절 정보화 사회의 사회과교육 방향과 교과서 = 14
1. 정보화 사회의 사회과 교육의 방향 = 14
2. 정보화 사회와 사회과 교과서 = 16
제3절 선행 연구 = 19
제4절 분석의 틀 = 21
1. 정보화 사회와 사회과 교육에 대한 관점 = 21
2. 교과서 분석의 기준 설정 = 23
제3장 사회과 교과서 분석 = 27
제1절 선행연구를 활용한 단원별 정보화 관련성 통계 = 27
1. 단원별 교육목표 및 행동 영역 분류 = 27
2. 대단원 목표 구성 요소별 정보화 관련성 분석 결과 = 30
제2절 교과서 분석 = 31
1. 고등학교 사회 - 『지학사』편 = 31
2. 고등학교 사회 - 『대한교과서』편 = 47
제4장 분석 결과와 문제점 및 개선방안 = 63
제1절 분석 결과 = 63
1. 목표 구성 요소별 정보화 관련성 = 63
2. 정보화관련 내용에 대한 양적 분석 = 63
3. 자료들의 연도별 분포 현황 = 64
4. 행동 영역별 학습 목표의 분포 양상과 적절성 = 65
5. 홈페이지를 통한 교과서 지원 시스템 현황 = 65
제2절 주요 문제점 및 개선 방안 = 67
1. 선행연구에 의한 문제점과 개선방안 = 67
2. 분석결과에 의한 문제점들과 개선 방안 = 68
제5장 결론 = 70
참고문헌 = 73
조선대학교 교육대학원
오창주. (2007). 사회교과의 정보화사회교육 개선방안에 관한 연구
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