덕트내 다익팬의 속도분포특성에 관한 연구

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덕트 다익팬 속도분포특성 PC 케이스 배기팬
Rapid development of CPU integrated circuit has brought rapid increase of electronic equipment quality including computers. Developed technology that to integrate CPU chips on printed circuit board has brought acceleration of micro and higher-density electronic systems. In particular, Desktop Personal Computer needs increased power consumption of CUP and PC is getting thinner. Therefore, heat design of PC has been considered as a worse condition. PC inside is air-conditioned with a use of radiator grille, heat pipe and Fan. However, as Desktop Personal Computer is getting smaller and more he at is found in CPU and PC because of integrated CPU, an effective technology to discharge heat out of PC case is needed. As flowing in PC case makes whirling spirals in the center of the case by Fan installed in different axis directions, efficiency of air inhalation discharge is lower and noise is found. When peripheral equipment is installed, air with whirling spirals between bottom Slot and bottom case is stagnant. Therefore, this study is to identify flowing inhaled and discharged inside and outside of the PC case and cooling efficiency of CPU in a design of PC case.
It is to study flowing characteristics inside the Duct with a use of PIV test. Under the condition that inhalation and discharge Fans are operated, particles of ZnO(tracing particles) are diffused into the mouth of the duct to measure the characteristics. The results of the test are summarized as follows:
1) For operation of CPU Fan, flowing distribution is more definitely found in the upper of the case compared to when the Fan is not operated. However, as CPU Fan moves clockwise, more definite parasites occurs between CPU Fan and Slots. It is found when fluid inhaled from the inhalation Fan has reverse strength while flowing toward the discharge Fan.
2) The parasites occurring in the middle of CPU Fan is smaller as t he gap between CPU Fan and Slot is larger. It influences flowing in left top of the case which is hardly found when the CPU Fan is not operated. However, it is believed that operation of CPU Fan does not influence flowing between Slots and the bottom of the Duct.
3) Flowing occurs more definitely in bottom of the case when Sirocco-Fan is operated compared to when it is not operated. However, when the Sirocco-Fan is operated in discharge direction, more parasites between Slots and inhalation Fans are found. It is thought that it is influenced by the sirocco-Fan while fluid inhaled from inhalation Fan flows to the discharge Fan.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Velocity Profile Characteristics of Multi-Blade fan for Duct
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Mi-Hyun
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 기계.금속교육
Awarded Date
2007. 8
Table Of Contents
第 1 章 序論 = 1
第 1 節 硏究의 背景과 動向 = 1
第 2 節 硏究의 目的 = 5
第 2 章 理論的 背景 = 7
第 1 節 PIV의 理論的 背景 및 速度計算 Algorithm = 7
1. PIV의 理論的 背景 = 7
2. 速度計算 Algorithm = 14
가. Particle Tracking Method = 15
나. Grey Level Cross Correlation Method = 15
다. 1-Frame Method = 16
라. 2-Frame Method = 18
第 3 章 實驗 = 21
第 1 節 實驗裝置 = 21
2. 各 裝置들의 諸元 = 22
3. Particle Image Velocimetry = 23
第 2 節 實驗方法 및 計測 = 25
1. PIV 計測 = 25
第 4 章 結果 및 考察 = 29
第 1 節 흡,배기팬 작동시 속도분포(In, Out Fan On) = 29
第 2 節 흡,배기,CPU팬 작동시 속도분포(In, Out, CPU Fan On) = 34
第 3 節 시로코팬 작동시 속도분포(Sirocco-Fan On) = 38
第 5 章 結論 = 42
조선대학교 교육대학원
김미현. (2007). 덕트내 다익팬의 속도분포특성에 관한 연구
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