NH₃와 HFC-134a를 사용한 냉동장치의 성능특성 연구

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NH₃ HFC-134a 냉동장치 냉동사이클 증발기
Nowadays CFC refrigerants has been restricted because it cause destruction of an ozone layer and global warming. In this aspect of environmental problem, the best solution is to use the natural refrigerant in the world such as ammonia of mineral compounds and propane, propylene of hydrocarbon. The natural refrigerants easy and cheap to obtain as well as environmental.
Therefore, this experiment apply the NH3 and HFC-134a to the study of performance characteristic though the superheat control and compare the energy efficiency of two refrigerants from the high performance.
The result of performance characteristic test according to condensing pressure and superheat temperature is as following.
1. As the mass flow rate, NH3 has steady than HFC-134a in condensing pressure and superheat temperature. Also NH3 was operated double the operating load than HFC-134a, that the condensing pressure was decreased.
As the result, NH3 will apply to a small size refrigerating system than HFC-134a.
2. As the condensing pressure was raised, the COP was decreased due to increase of compression rate and power.
3. The COP of the was refrigerant NH3 was higher than HFC-134a, in case of NH3, the most suitable operating when the superheat temperature 1℃ at each condensing pressure.
4. If NH3 applies to the HFC-134a refrigerating system in the field of industry, it is posible to have economic profit and to solve the environment problem.
Therefore, the NH3 is suitable as the alternative refrigerant of the HFC-134a.
Alternative Title
The Study on Comparison of Performance Characteristics in Refrigeration using NH₃ and HFC-134a
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Jae-Geun
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 기계.금속교육
Awarded Date
2007. 8
Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 2 장 관련이론 = 3
2.1 냉매의 특성 = 3
2.1.1 냉매가 갖추어야 할 성질 = 4
2.2 암모니아(NH₃, R717)의 특성 = 7
2.3 HFC-134a(CH₂F-CF3₃, 134a)의 특성 = 10
2.4 냉동사이클 해석 = 12
2.4.1 이론 냉동사이클 = 12
2.4.2 실제 냉동사이클 = 14
제 3 장 실험장치 = 17
제 4 장 실험방법 = 22
제 5 장 실험결과 및 고찰 = 26
5.1 냉매 질량유량과 압축기 흡입압력 = 26
5.2 응축기 냉각수 질량유량과 출구온도 = 31
5.3 응축기 방열량과 소요동력 = 35
5.4 증발기 냉수 출구온도와 흡열량 = 39
5.5 성능계수(COP) = 43
제 6 장 결론 = 45
참고문헌 = 46
조선대학교 교육대학원
김재근. (2007). NH₃와 HFC-134a를 사용한 냉동장치의 성능특성 연구
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