브라운안테나의 배열에 관한 연구

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With the recent increase in the demand for an wireless communications, new technologies is anticipated to appear to provide high quality and high capacity services for all users, operators, and manufacturers. The array antenna technique using braun antenna is steadily proposed as one of the technologies to realize this future communication system. The antenna that applied the array technique of the braun antenna is known as smart antenna. Smart antenna is the intelligent antenna system that can react to the given signal environment and change its array patterns automatically. It is based on the array technique that combines signals received from antenna elements arrayed linear, circular, and planar antennas.
Despite there is various kind of antenna, there are problems such as TVI, BCI, space, occupant group (apartment administration), noise problem etc. in antenna establishment in downtown area. Accordingly, establishment is emphasized necessity of easy and performance is excellent antenna.
In this paper, in order to solve these problems, we experimented some conformity methods using manufacture antenna that Brown proposed. Impedance matching of the Brown antenna is existent method by length control of a branch's angle and feeder. However, certified even if depend in control of length of duplicator and branch's angle experimentally that impedance matching is available
As a result, in case of the proposed method that is impedance matching of brown antenna is fixed height with rooftop of building, matching is possible independently with feeder's length. Therefore, when establish brown antenna, expected that can be used usefully.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Array Antenna Using Braun Antenna
조선대학교 대학원
교육대학원 전기.전자.통신교육
Awarded Date
2007. 2
Table Of Contents
목차 = i
표목차 = iii
도목차 = iv
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1-1. 안테나 개요 = 2
1-2. 전파와 전파기구 = 2
Ⅱ. 안테나의 자정수 = 4
2-1 입력 임피던스 = 4
Ⅲ. 안테나 소자 = 7
3-1 접지 안테나 = 7
3-2 수직 접지 안테나 = 11
3-3 브라운 안테나 = 13
Ⅳ. 안테나 배열 = 16
4-1 어레이 종류 = 16
4-2 2소자 어레이 = 19
4-3 지향성 적의 원리 = 22
4-4 안테나 어레이 = 24
Ⅴ. 피더와 안테나의 매칭 = 29
5-1 폴디드 다이폴 = 29
5-2 델타매치(Y매치) = 33
5-3 T매치 = 34
5-4 감마매치 = 37
5-5 오메가매치 = 38
Ⅵ. 시스템 구현 및 설치 = 42
Ⅶ. 결론 및 향후 과제 = 45
참고문헌 = 46
송용배. (2007). 브라운안테나의 배열에 관한 연구
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