다산 정약용의 서찰 연구

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Dasan's numerous writings were mostly produced at the place of exile, Gangjin. Despite living problems and mental instability, he continuously devoted himself to writing to compile practical science. This study examined methodological principles by which he could produce his writings and aspects of patriotism and ideologies through letters he sent from Gangjin.
Chapter 2 examined how Dasan expanded and completed his study through social intercourse and education at the place of exile.
Haenam Yun as Dasan's mother's family and Haenam Yun living in Gangjin gave lots of economic help; in particular, Yun Dan offered Dasanchodang in 1808, which enabled Dasan to obtain good results of academic writings. Eupjung pupils, Hwang Sang and Lee Cheong, obtained academically great results following their teacher and pupils in the Dasin group also participated consistently in Dasan's writing. Finally, the encounter with the Buddhist priest, Hyejang, caused Dasan to get great vitality in life and begin academic exchange between Confucianism and Buddhism. Choui Uisun also came to Dasanchodang for his teaching.
Chapter 3 examined concrete academic modes, attitudes, patriotism, and ideologies revealed through letters Dasan sent from the place of exile largely in four categories.
Paragraph 1 examined his educational methods through letters sent to his children and lineage. Dasan's education of children was very elaborate and deliberate. He explained how to make abridge and book and gave an assignment followed by his own review.
Paragraph 2 examined how academic accomplishment and writings were made through letters exchanged with his brother, Jeong Yak-jeon. As for discussions with his brother, Dasan sent a draft to Jeong Yak-jeon, who added his opinion or revised it. The academic discussions performed in this way between brothers made the greatest contribution to Dasan's numerous writings.
Paragraph 3 examined a letter with two items sent to his political comrade, Kim I-jae: realities of the then rural communities and contradiction in social system, and complaint of the injustice for him.
Paragraph 4 dealt with discussions about Mencius' theory of mentality with Munsan Lee Jae-ui. Munsan had an idealistic position of orthodox Neo-Confucianism while Dasan stuck to a practical position of practical science. Discussions between them ended without even a bit concession, which served to consolidate their own theory.
As discussed above, letters Dasan sent from Gangjin most acutely show his academic attitudes, patriotism, and ideological aspects. This study described Dasan's humane aspects along with his academic attitudes and methodological principles of writing through letters he sent from Gangjin. It is therefore believed that this study will be so valuable if researchers in Dasan can use it as a base.
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A Study on Dasan Jeong Yak-yong's Letters:Centering on the Times of His Stay in Gangjin
조선대학교 대학원
교육대학원 한문교육
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2007. 2
Table Of Contents
목차 = i
제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 선행 연구 검토 및 연구 목적 = 1
제2절 연구 방향 = 5
제2장 강진 유배지에서의 교유 = 7
제1절 해남 윤씨와의 교유 = 9
제2절 강진에서의 교육 활동 = 17
1. 초기의 邑中 제자 = 18
2. 후기의 茶信契 제자 = 23
제3절 승려와의 교유 = 27
제3장 강진 유배지에서 보낸 서찰 = 35
제1절 자녀에게 本立道生을 가르침 = 35
제2절 형에게 학문 토론을 요청함 = 52
제3절 김이재에게 憂國表情을 표명함 = 64
제4절 이재의에게 실천적 학문을 주장함 = 72
제4장 결론 = 80
참고문헌 = 83
최이호. (2007). 다산 정약용의 서찰 연구
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