제7차 교육 과정의 음악 감상 영역 연구 : 8종 교과서를 중심으로

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The research which it sees is the result which tries to analyze the appreciation territory of the high school 1 grade 8 kind textbook of 7th curriculum. The dissertation which it sees hereupon examined, against 7th music and the curriculum system in the appreciation education where becomes the help in music ability improvement and mind development and importance it let appreciation music analysis it let and the appreciation education which is balance should have been become accomplished, it examined and it did to sleep. Territory star classification of the national classical music which is recorded in the textbook and Western music appreciation music, frequency possibility it compares with the research method regarding a high school 1 grade music textbook middle appreciation territory, the time star, the composer star, the style star and performance from star comparison of appreciation music to lead and the result to analyze with after words is same.
First, from territory star classification the whole ratio of 8 kind textbooks song territory 42.7%, appreciation territory 38%, the instrumental music territory 8.7%, creation territory ratio of song and appreciation territory is a possibility the high but territory for deviation knowing is appearing seriously with 7.4%. The textbook it sees especially and the textbook which has the composition in the in the appreciation center was three storehouse textbooks.
Second, national classical music and Western music appreciation music 47.6%, the Western music appreciation music ratio of appreciation music is similar with 52.4%, the interest regarding traditional music studying and important boat song it came to be high there will be a possibility of knowing and the national classical music appreciation music increasing gradually a desirable actual condition the possibility of seeing there will be.
Third, appreciation music national classical music appreciation music the populace music character showed the ratio where the music of the ship construction postscript which it does is many from all textbooks and the Western music appreciation music to record the time star musical piece which selects generally the music of the romantic feeling green onion where the free thought in the human being center raises its head was plentifully recorded most.
Fourth, appreciation music the national classical music appreciation music to try to analyze the composer of 20 century creation national classical music which are the possibility twu lyes knowing the composer, preference boat song of Hwang ordnance after being high, above kyu was. Western music appreciation music the composer life is coming to reveal generally clearly, is recorded most the composer of the appreciation music which plentifully after Beethoven to be high, Bach was.
Fifth, appreciation music national classical music appreciation music the ratio where the creation national classical music is high most the Western music appreciation music to seem ratio of music was high today most and it was an opera and playing in concert order in after words.
Sixth, appreciation music the total evil tooth shows a most high ratio and it is use. The Western music appreciation music was recorded specific gravity of instrumental music more prominently vocal music than plentifully. Conclusion of like this research it presents the plan for an effective music appreciation education with character and it does to sleep.
Therefore, it is necessary to accept musical piece and curriculum effectively and it is also necessary to reinforce system to escape from the situation sticking to standard of textbook and publish textbook considering quality rather than quantity
Alternative Title
A Study On Appreciation Field Of Music Under The 7th Curriculum: With 8 Kind Of Textbooks
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, You-ri-a
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적 = 1
제2절 연구의 대상 및 방법 = 2
제 2 장 이론적 배경 = 4
제1절 음악 감상 교육의 의미 = 4
제2절 음악 감상의 방법 = 5
제3절 제7차 음악과 교육과정 = 6
1. 음악과 교육 목표 = 7
2. 감상 영역의 내용 = 7
제 3 장 고등학교 8종 음악 교과서의 감상 영역 비교 분석 = 10
제1절 영역별 분류 = 10
제2절 감상곡의 내용 및 빈도수 분석 = 12
1. 국악 감상곡의 내용 및 빈도수 = 12
2. 서양 음악 감상곡의 내용 및 빈도수 = 16
3. 국악과 서양 음악 감상곡의 빈도수 비교 = 23
제3절 감상곡의 시대별 비교 = 24
1. 국악 감상곡의 시대별 비교 = 24
2. 서양 음악 감상곡의 시대별 비교 = 25
제4절 감상곡의 작곡가별 비교 = 27
1. 국악 감상곡의 작곡가별 비교 = 27
2. 서양 음악 감상곡의 작곡가별 비교 = 28
제5절 감상곡의 장르별 비교 = 30
1. 국악 감상곡의 장르별 비교 = 30
2. 서양 음악 감상곡의 장르별 비교 = 32
제6절 감상곡의 연주 형태별 비교 = 33
1. 국악 감상곡의 연주 형태별 비교 = 33
2. 서양 음악 감상곡의 연주 형태별 비교 = 34
제 4 장 결론 = 36
참고문헌 = 38
조선대학교 교육대학원
김유리아. (2006). 제7차 교육 과정의 음악 감상 영역 연구 : 8종 교과서를 중심으로
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