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what describe entire thing about the war of ImJin war(1592~1597) and the book was not just recorded the historic story it show variable literature's form. This book has roughly 120 different versions. Added to that, most of them have changed the epic feelings and the characters' figurations. Therefore, it is considered to be essential to study how the heroes in those books had been changed as being connected with history and seek the symbolic meanings of the false characters. So, in this manuscript, research has been conducted with heroes in as the central figures referred to these three book; the most historical , the most romantic , the most fictitious .
Choi il-kyoung who was not a real person, used to criticize the disability ruler.
Kim duck-ryung was tragically died of during the war. So, he became a represent hero by people in the book.
Regardless of difference in social position, Lee soon shin, brilliant general, was able to display his ability to lead a victory over Imjinwhearan. He truly became a hero of the nation with his talent combined with his outstanding personality.
Kim eung-seo and Kang hong rip was contrast and judge two of them even thought their are fiction, it means that growth of people's senses
Sa myoung-dang made comfort for the disturbances of war and defeatism through the Japan expedition story that made biggest impact.
After they passed the war, present the alternative social consciousness about women though the Non-gae, Wall-sun and Gea wall hyang.
Next on it, the thesis arrange for people who passed the war. Their emotion was changed about inner and outer country and growth compare with the past study.
The disturbance of war that changes of disbelief consciousness about ruling, so fulfilling to public hero, exteriorly a hostile feeling for japans and china through make a sure of expressed.
Some part of the book, age ethics do not depart perfectly in terms of is fictionalized, people's emotion to through each hero, as well as in terms of is not detected on the surface generally novel, and limitation is seen in terms of public consciousness growth. At that, is historic war novel that written basis on the war of ImJin war what real historical accident. It has enough value for inquire about unique organization, portrait of character and changing form.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Character of : The focus on a hero of the people
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Ji-young
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ 서론 = 1
1 연구방법 및 방향 = 1
2 연구사 검토 = 3
Ⅱ 의 이본과 작품의 배경 = 11
1 선정 이본의 구성과 서술상의 특징 = 11
2 삼국(조 · 명 · 일)의 정세와 조선의 사회상 = 16
Ⅲ 민중영웅의 등장과 인물의 형상화 = 20
1 무능한 군주 비판의 수단 최일경 = 20
2 민중에 의해 완성된 영웅 김덕령 = 24
3 민족의 성웅 이순신 = 32
4 역사의 판결 김응서 · 강홍립 = 38
5 전란의 종결자 사명당 = 45
6 변화하는 여성상 논개·월선·화월 = 50
Ⅳ 대외인식과 민중의식의 성장 = 58
1 왜와 명에 대한 인식 = 58
2 민중주체로서의 사회의식 = 63
Ⅴ 결론 = 70
《참고문헌》= 72
조선대학교 교육대학원
김지영. (2006). 의 인물 연구 : 민중영웅을 중심으로
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