실업계고등학교 학생들의 의식변화에 따른 진로의식에 관한 연구

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This paper contemplates the efficient career guidance system, which is obtained through research and analysis regarding students in vocational high school who experience much trouble and confusion about their career and view of vocation.
For this research, literatures review is used to understand the carrier awareness of students in vocational high school and compose the questionnaire which adopts directly conveying and returning method.
Based on questionnaire, the problems and solutions of career guidance in this study are as following.
First, the reason that students are going on to vocational high school is not student's aptitude but a poor middle school record. Moreover, students who are going on to vocational high school were not aware of the curriculum of the vocational high school.
Therefore, during a middle school days, much information of career that is based on student's aptitude or characteristic and the curriculum of the vocational high school are provided to students. For the above reason, the education of career selection has to be strengthened from middle school.
Second, students who think of current schooling have more interest about class or club activity and want to allocate a lesson regarding entering advancing to a higher level of school.
Third, students in vocational high school think that their aptitude is much more important than the salary or reputation when they select their occupation.
Therefore, students need career guidance which is reflective of students' aptitude.
Forth, because of the discrimination against academic background in this society, many student in vocational high school want to advance to university or college. Hence, it is necessary that opportunities and plans of university entrance be provided with graduates in vocational high school.
Fifth, because both curriculum and career guidance operate under regiment education program, it is difficult to guide students on the selection of occupation considering their aptitude and ability. School education requires technical education for employment as well as the education which raises students' self-control. The career guidance system require to develop suitable data which reflect a education and program to advance to university, to university, collection about sufficient information and aptitude and personality test which individual students may be used.
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A Study on the Career Sense to Changing Recognition of Industrial Highschool Students
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Seol, Jin Suk
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 전기전자통신교육
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2006. 8
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2. 진로지도 = 9
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Ⅳ. 결론 = 37
조선대학교 교육대학원
설진숙. (2006). 실업계고등학교 학생들의 의식변화에 따른 진로의식에 관한 연구
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