미국의 혁신주의 운동에 관한 연구

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Progressive Movement frequently means a service of progressive activities which had been proceeded in the cities, states and even in the federal level in America from 1900 to 1917. The reformatory contents of progressive movements which and changed the government and society are usually listed as three aspects: the political reform such as the initiative, referendum and recall or wiping out the corruption of city government organization; the economic reform such as controlling the public activity or reducing the power of enterprises; the social reform such as Americanizing immigrants, relieving the poor citizen or restricting children and women labor. But the Generalization of progressive movement can not be accepted by everyone owing to the debate which has been boomed since 1950's.
The first researchers of the progressive movements are the historians who belong to the progressive school. the opening of debate stared which criticizing the views of progressive school. After that many scholars took part in the controversy, and they were called Neo-Conservation, New Left, and Organization Theory school awarding to their assertions. On the whole it was the schools that were the core of the controversy.
The purpose of the present thesis is to examine the background of the progressive movement, to compare and suggest the main forces and aims which promoted the movement on the basis of such background, and to broaden the which of understanding of that movement by explaining the birth of it.
I introduced the appearance of many different schools on the progressive movement relating to their historical situation and suggested various problems caused by contradictory assertions of many different schools. In the explanation of historical background in which social stability and restoration of new order were required from the split and disturbance of society. The second part is the explanation of the change of social ideoiogy which came to be the basis supporting the movement.
The main forces and aims of that movement which are the key subjects of the debate on the movement. Various views of many schools are quoted in order to make out such subjects, connecting the background. Many social classes, faced with the new political situation of social split and disturbance, participated in the movement so as to unite. the faculty of society and strengthen the function of the government.. From the inclusive viewpoint, it can be understood that middle class citizens led the movement, controlled and united many interest groups functionally and effectively.
In conclusion, their activities were embodied as a sort of strengthening the function of government.
Alternative Title
A Study on the American progressive movement
조선대학교 대학원
교육대학원 역사교육
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2006. 8
Table Of Contents
목차 = i
Ⅰ. 머리말 = 1
Ⅱ. 혁신주의운동의 背景 = 3
Ⅲ. 革新主義 개혁집단의 이념 = 8
1. 전통적 자유주의 = 8
2. 새로운 산업사회에 대한 이해 = 12
Ⅳ. 革新主義 운동의 정당정치 구조의 변화 = 17
Ⅴ. 革新主義期의 정부형태 = 22
Ⅵ. 맺음말 = 26
參考文獻 = 28
김현화. (2006). 미국의 혁신주의 운동에 관한 연구
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