同春堂 宋浚吉의 政治思想

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In the 17th century, Choseon suffered from two warfares, so reconstruction of the nation, recovery of courtesy and reestablishment of just causes and moral obligation were rising as questions of the times. Claiming morality for domestic conditions and Bukbuldae based on Sino-barbarian theory for overseas conditions, people who took charge of solving the questions achieved national unity and agreement. Thus, they devised plans to recover damaged national self-conceit raising a campaign against Qing dynasty and a movement of keeping faithful relationship to Ming dynasty.
It was Song Jun-gil who appeared as Sarim during King Hyojong's reign in the 17th century and led political world. He made his ideological base deepening and developing his learning under Sagye which succeeded to the academical tradition of Yulgok and met and kept company with those who had an inclination against Qing dynasty.
Song Jun-gil entered into an official career after King Hyojong ascended the throne and took the lead in removing the party for Qing dynasty. As King Hyojong got into trouble because of Qing's lookout, however, he retired to his native place. Afterwards, when a movement for conquest of the northern area that King Hyojong pushed on with encountered a difficulty, he reentered into an official career. At that time, he asked King Hyojong who gave priority to the expansion of armaments to appeal to nations and secure inner safety.
He revised public order to decrease peasants' burden and proposed to implement the uniform land tax law(Daedong-bub) and Sachangje and solve problems of fishing grounds and salt farms owned by royal family houses in coastal regions, removal of privileges from Royal Estate Bureau(Naesusa), and unjustly accumulated wealth of the palace without hesitation in speaking frankly. If only peasants' burden was decreased, national finances could be expanded to make a base for training soldiers to carry out the campaign for conquest of the northern areas.
He also asked King Hyojong to execute Sugichiin(to cultivate his own mind and then rule over nations) as a person in charge of all affairs. So he emphasized the theory of kyeong for King's mental training and recommended him to study about 《Simgyeong》.
Considering only the conditions of Choseon devastated by the warfares, this researcher found that his political ideologies were realizable reform plan. However, this researcher felt something wanting in respect that measures for the relief of citizens presented by Song Jun-gil were mainly about improvement of tax system operation.
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The Political Idea of Song Jun-gil
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Mun, Su Jung
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 역사교육
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2006. 8
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Ⅰ. 머리말 = 1
Ⅱ. 師友와 學問 = 3
Ⅲ. 崇明反淸論과 養民論 = 9
1. 崇明反淸論의 실천 = 9
2. 先養民後養兵論 = 13
Ⅳ. 禮意識과 禮治論 = 22
Ⅴ. 맺음말 = 29
參考文獻 = 31
조선대학교 교육대학원
문수정. (2006). 同春堂 宋浚吉의 政治思想
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