김천택과 김수장의 작품세계 비교 연구

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It is widely known that Nampa Chun-Taek Kim and Nogajae Soo-Jang Kim were positioned in the center of the circle of a Korean ode, of poets as middle class men in the late era of Joseon in the 18th century. They were professional poets and vocalists that rose to distinction in a country with a song and authors who created around 100 Korean odes. Also, they were activists of organizing a poet and vocalist's society and an operated music group. In addition, they were compilers who took Korean odes that had been handed down to that time valuable, and compiled them as a poem and vocal book after adding finishing touches to them. However, since the social status of artists at that time was underestimated, hardly there is a record for the two artists. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately estimate when they were born and died. Nampa Chun-Taek Kim and Nogajae Soo-Jang Kim were two maestro who took the valuable position in the Korean ode history as they were well versed in poem and vocal music of King Sookjong and King Youngjo in the Joseon era. The two were similar in their social standings and created Korean odes and complied Korean ode books while mutually share friendship. In addition, they are similar in that they are representative 18th century Korean ode poets who heavily influenced many posterities and cultivated them as central figures in the vocalist' society for general public and compiled Korean ode books.
This thesis is targeted to review the view of odes as well as the world of their literary works particularly focus on the 'Confucian attitude of acceptance, realistic awareness and attitude' and 'perception and attitude toward nature and vocal music' while observing their several representative works in detail. Furthermore, featured contents shown on Soo-Jang Kim's Korean odes with a relatively free form are going to be reviewed after being divided into several parts. And then, the meaning of their status in the Korean ode history would be reviewed.
It is a work itself that needs to be considered most in literary debates. In fact, when we discuss over literature without mentioning a work concerned, it can cause a misunderstanding as it can be diverted from the original literary purpose, and also, we can waste our time in debates or on papers by mentioning a poet who produced the work or humane weakness or strength of the author. Actually, 'discussion over literature is directly coupled with discussion over life', thus, even if the discussion over literature cannot arrive at discussions over life and the world, those discussions can be made as much as we want without mentioning literature, therefore, literary work cannot but be put first naturally in discussion over literature.
As for a social stratum of Chun-Taek Kim and Soo-Jang Kim, as aforementioned, there have been lots of discussions and analysis attempted from new perspectives. However, this thesis was aimed to highlight the meaning of a literary history of a Korean ode furthering the two poets' view of poem and their literary world while deeply contemplating contents previously discussed. To that aim, diverse discussions of previous scholars are to be introduced and reflected in this thesis within the scope of not committing a serious error in analyzing and understanding on works rather than intending to agree with or correcting any alien parts in studies and discussions of previous scholars.
This study focuses more on the aspect of the writer's life history such as social position than the concrete analysis of works. Therefore, there could be relatively insufficient works argument. On this aspect, this study will look into their world of literary works based on the poetry viewpoint of them and find the meaning of a korean ode in the late era of Joseon Dynasty.
Alternative Title
A Comparative Study on the Works of Kim Cheon-Taek and Kim Su-Jang
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Jun-Hee
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
1 연구 목적 = 1
2 연구 방법 = 3
3 시대 배경 = 4
제 2 장 김천택과 김수장의 시가관 = 7
1 김천택의 시가관 = 7
2 김수장의 시가관 = 12
제 3 장 김천택과 김수장의 작품세계 전개 양상 비교 = 16
1 김천택의 작품세계 전개 양상 = 16
(1) 유교 질서에 순응 = 17
(2) 삶의 갈등과 탄식 = 22
(3) 자연과 취락을 통한 갈등 해소 = 26
2 김수장의 작품세계 전개 양상 = 34
(1) 유교의 도리 실천 = 35
(2) 자연과 가악에 심취 = 41
(3) 노가재 사설시조의 유형별 특성 = 47
제 4 장 김천택과 김수장의 시조문학사적 의의 = 64
제 5 장 結論 = 68
참고문헌 = 70
조선대학교 교육대학원
김준희. (2006). 김천택과 김수장의 작품세계 비교 연구
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