기형도 시의 부정성 연구

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The poet 'Ki Hyeong-do' has assured many readers and the research him was joined together continuously in spite of a shot literary world life and a little products. The reason was seen to come from his original poetic world distinguished with the other poets. That is, It is just that a negative, tragic view of the world and his own image contained a symbolic means even his poems, lifetime and deaths.
His negativity of poem means a perfect break against a hope and out look. So It's not easy to find the reason of answer 'yes' in the his poetic world. The childhood which appeared on the stage of his poem is a space that can't be capable of a pain and suffering in young age.
After the father died suddenly with paralysis, the mother taked on her's own shoulders the living and the sisters helped the household economy by delivery a newspaper other etc. So a young 'Ki Hyeong-do' possessed a in frospective nature came to more a lonely life. Besides in because death experience of sister and uncle's in boyhood.
The features of his life became to a negativity and tragedy with a consistent tone. Accordingly In search for his poetic meaning, We have to say 'The Death' appeared in the poem. But It will not be able to explain that a ceremony of death experienced of which poverty and death in childhood. So, it will need to look around the time and space ceremoney expressed at the text.
Also to grasp of those is because that can look in a poet's senses. His an idea of time shows a tragic reality recognition in the poem formed a continuous and made-up the world of death drawing death of future in the present. And Attachment regarding a empty space confines oneself in
empty house and become attempted a break with the world.
In causing of a sudden poet's death, it showed that urgent and dangerous despairs can be a total of the life to him from time to time. This is a reason that only 'death' will be reaming Look through Ki Hyeong-do´s poet.
For a break with the world, till he rocked the door of himself in inside and he was confined, we will be able to share his death's ceremony internalized while following his life.
Alternative Title
A Study on Negativity in Ki Hyeong-do's Poetry
Alternative Author(s)
Choi, Eun-seong
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ 서론 = 1
1 연구목적과 연구방법 = 1
2 연구사 = 3
Ⅱ 부정적 세계인식의 형성 = 7
1 '가족'에 대한 체험과 삶 = 7
2 전망부재의 혼돈의 시대 = 11
Ⅲ 시ㆍ공간에 드러난 부정성 = 15
1 부정성이 배태된 시간 = 15
1) 과거와 묶인 현재 = 15
2) 미리 늙어버린 '몸' = 26
2 부정성이 놓여 있는 공간 = 35
1) 떠돎의 공간, 공중 '빈' 곳 = 36
2) '빈' 집에 스스로 갇힌 외톨이 = 43
Ⅳ 결론 = 55
《참고문헌》= 58
조선대학교 교육대학원
최은성. (2006). 기형도 시의 부정성 연구
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