金顯承 詩의 까마귀 이미지 硏究

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Kim Hyeonseung was a poet who established his own poem world with his agony and loneliness based on Christian idea. They regard Kim Hyeonseung, with his poem world uniquely formed under religious thoughts, as an important poet in modern poems of Korea.
When we try to understand the poems of Kim Hyeonseung, it is important to understand how a specific religion Christianity affects his poems. The image of 'a crow' is studied in relation with the Christianity spirit.
The crow is a sole bird repeatedly appearing in the poems of Kim Hyeonseung. It shares an important position in his poems appearing in the course of taste and reformation of his poems. The image of the crow plays a very important role to generally understand and analyze the flow of the poems of Kim Hyeonseung. By analyzing the image of the crow, it is possible to find the internal desire and ambition of the poet. It can find his target he wants to achieve with his poems considering his life as a Christian.
It assorted the characteristics of a crow into three categories; black, crying and wings. It tried to find how these factors lead the general image of a crow specifically. The poet gives special meaning and authority to the crow with the three factors.
The uniqueness of the poems of Kim Hyeonseung is in the pursuit of oneness with God. It can be expressed with the word 'transcendence' that transcends the ideas on this world. It denies our identities including everything in this world and enters the world of God. 'Black', 'Crying' and 'Wings' aren't bothered by each factor of characteristics. They are dependent on the common movement of the crow through the activity of imagination. It leads to the pursuit of oneness with God and the world of transcendence that are the ultimate goal of the poet's poem world.
The image of the crow could be explained relating it with the story of 'the prodigal son'. The image of the prodigal son has the meaning of achieving the goal of the poet's imaginary world. The image of a crow is the image of Kim Hyeonseung and his will. It has the image of returned prodigal son.
Alternative Title
A Study on Crow Image in Kim Hyeonseung's Poetry
Alternative Author(s)
Choi, You-nan
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구목적 = 1
2. 연구사 검토 = 3
3. 연구방법 및 범위 = 6
Ⅱ. 까마귀 이미지의 양상 = 7
1. '검은 빛'의 이미지 = 7
1) 희망 암시적 빛 = 7
2) 천형적 원죄의 빛 = 9
3) 초월적 수렴의 빛 = 12
2. '울음소리'의 이미지 = 15
1) 고독의 소리 = 15
2) 언어의 본질적 소리 = 21
3) 구원적 생명의 소리 = 24
3. '날개'의 이미지 = 30
1) 고독의 날개 = 30
2) 원죄를 짊어진 날개 = 32
3) 구원에의 의지적 날개 = 35
Ⅲ. 까마귀의 궁극적 형상 '돌아온 탕자'의 모습 = 43
Ⅳ. 결론 = 48
《참고문헌》= 50
조선대학교 교육대학원
최유난. (2006). 金顯承 詩의 까마귀 이미지 硏究
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