芥子園畵傳과 朝鮮後期 南宗畵 발전에 관한연구

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Held and before won currency hundred which is a core to become right or wrong, anger step of all reason rooms cung step and editing from the request outdoors became beginning in the king dog. 3 years the after 1679 original was completed and it was a white clothe wife's father who is a core pleased the report which will reach and it was a villa name of oneself and it held and to pick the unit it published and they were one thing two second house arithmetic steps.
The candle it shared the landscape painting law of each successive divine favors which pick up with detail expression technique and with an objection records with did a textbook role together in the candle scholars. the candle house publication, probably thick 22 year all people 1701 the whole book difficulty gruel treason step of the 2nd houses and after side candle insect anger hwey step zero wool anger hwey step was published. The whole book difficulty gruel treason step treason anger hwey the king quality kept and this portion which is completed the king Sea three sibling the wool, cung step, edited with anger step of that outside together and it completed lastly. After the whole book and the after side of 2 houses became independent at 2 houses and 3 houses and the name was exchanged.
When hold before won currency it sees the tendency of the future when it is recorded in the life house and the candle Song - the unit where it picks up, the life follower anger even from in is intensively becoming in the anger law of unit branch temple price and 2,3 Song unit which it picks up or life great disaster is accomplishing this week of the field. The south bell follower anger character is accomplishing the center with these editing idea which follows motive originality north and south bell Ron, anger law north kind it is presented and it maintains an objectivity.
It went mad to the ship construction postscript flower bed and hold when to observe the some branch regarding a won currency intention to fight effect it tried and with the anger step field of the chain which first is introduced to the ship construction together increased the gain and loss against a Chinese conversation the thing is a wild possibility. delicateness one joke control of of course original work or delivery of color feeling insufficiency but I was burnt composition of the field understand the law which will bloom and became the many help. Should have been held the Chinese painting wind which is recorded before won currency becomes life end neat disaster three where is not the origin features of Chinese painting at second and position it is Japanese-style and the unit script is sharp the as it fades plentifully was accommodated is the thing.The application of the detail technique which the room previous report which is a future last wears out was plentifully become accomplished compared to and that application anger followed in Kaesong and it was unique and it was developed. This time the Chinese painting law appears of course north bell anger Buddhist priest's robe effect together and the paragraph green onion Japanese style this it is connected with the ship construction mid-term Japanese style which becomes popular it is visible with the fact that it will be a natural reflection. Like this with it tries to observe held together and the former of won currency the gain and loss against a Chinese conversation to lead, the textbook role it will be able to practice anger hour it did the anger where the place initial manure where the conversational tendency which is various in the ship construction postscript flower bed is developed is thick it was visible there is a possibility of doing.
Alternative Title
Hold the research regarding a won currency criminal record ship construction postscript Chinese painting development
Alternative Author(s)
kim, Si-Nae
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ.개자원화전의 역사적 고찰 = 3
1. 명. 청대 화단(화보류) = 3
1) 회화적 배경 = 3
2) 판화화보의 배경 = 5
2. 구성과 내용 = 8
3. 내용분석 = 7
Ⅲ. 조선후기의 개자원화전 수용과 특징 = 21
1. 개자원화전의 수용과정 = 22
2. 조선후기 화단의 특징 = 32
1) 정선파 = 32
2) 심사정파 = 33
3) 추사파 = 34
Ⅳ. 조선후기 남종문인화에 나타난 개자원화전 초집의 영향 = 35
1. 개자원화전과 當代 작가 = 35
1) 심사정 = 35
2) 최 북 = 38
3) 강세황 = 39
4) 강희안 = 41
5) 이인상 = 42
6) 소치 허련 = 43
7) 전 기 = 46
V. 결론 = 47
* 참고문헌 = 49
* 도판 = 52
조선대학교 교육대학원
김시내. (2006). 芥子園畵傳과 朝鮮後期 南宗畵 발전에 관한연구
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