韓ㆍ中 經濟關係의 發展과 새로운 協力課題

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Since the policy of economic innovation and liberalization was implemented, Chinese economy has rapidly grown. As a result, China has become the 7th great economy power following the U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France, England and Italy. When it is considered based on purchasing power, it is estimated as the world second or third in scale.
In 1990s, Chinese economy recorded more than 10% increase of growth rate, and it is expected that the growth will last for a considerable period. Western experts on China expect that China will surpass America in economy and be the world best in 2020.
When China with 1. 2 billions of population has kept their growth and becomes the great world power, it will have a great influence on international order as well as world economy. It is certain that Chinese economy will work as a serious challenge to the economy of Korea which is a neighboring country. Chinese products with competitive power because of their low price will compete with Korean products and as Chinese industry has advanced due to fast growth of its economy, competition areas between two nations will change from low and midium price products to high and advanced technology products. However, it is expected that as Chinese economy is growing, huge markets and investment opportunities are open to Korean business.
The advance of Chinese economy has a positive influence such as expansion of opportunities of Korean and Chinese economic exchange, but it gives burdens such as intensification of competition and gradually decreasing difference in technology between two nations. However, the two countries should focus on preparation of a economic exchange system that can improve global competitive power through free use of their competitive resources. So far, as they have developed such friendly relations, economic cooperative relations between two countries will progress more closely.
Although occupancy rate of Chinese products in overseas markets for the past 10 years has been rapidly increasing, Korean occupancy rate in main markets has been kept. So, it is judged that Korean industries have managed threat of China well. However, as Chinese industrial structures has been rapidly advanced, it is possible for the threat of China in overseas markets to increase. In addition, if Korea does not prepare more advanced economic systems and investment environment through domestically continuing restructuring, Korea may face difficulties such as loss of manufacturing industry and export markets. As China joined in WTO and its markets have been expanded,investment conditions are improved and its policy to attract international investment is becoming more inviting. At the same time, its international competitive power has rapidly been progressing.
Therefore, this study aims at preparation of desirable relations with China which is an enormous threat as well as a chance to Korea.
Finally, this study carried a bibliographical analysis based on previous studies on relations between China and Korea and collected data presented by Korea Export and Import Bank, Samsung Economy Research Institute, the Ministry of Industry and Resources, Korea Trade Association, the Ministry of Diplomacy and Commerce and Industrial Research Center.
Alternative Title
The Development of Economic Relationship and New Cooperation Problem Between Korea and China
Alternative Author(s)
Yun, Hwa-sim
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일반사회교육
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2006. 2
Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구목적 = 1
제2절 연구방법 및 구성 = 2
제 2장 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 배경과 전개 = 3
제1절 한ㆍ중 경제협력 진전의 배경 = 3
1. 중국 개혁ㆍ개방의 배경과 과정 = 3
2. 중국 개혁ㆍ개방의 특징 = 5
3. 한국의 문호개방 정책과 대 중국경제협력 전략 = 6
제2절 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 전개 = 9
1. 한ㆍ중 수교 이전의 경제협력 과정 = 10
2. 한ㆍ중 수교 이후의 경제협력 과정 = 13
제3장 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 현황과 문제점 = 22
제1절 한ㆍ중 교역 및 투자협력 현황 = 22
1. 한ㆍ중 교역 현황 = 22
2. 한ㆍ중 투자협력 현황과 특징 = 31
제2절 한ㆍ중 산업협력 현황 = 41
1. 한ㆍ중 산업협력 전개과정 = 41
2. 한ㆍ중 분야별 산업협력 확대와 현황 = 44
제3절 한ㆍ중 경제협력 관계의 분석 = 47
1. 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 경제적 성과 = 47
2. 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 문제점 및 향후 전망 = 49
제4장 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 활성화 방안 = 53
제1절 한ㆍ중 교역의 활성화 방안 = 53
제2절 대중국 투자의 활성화 방안 = 55
제3절 한ㆍ중 경제협력의 새로운 과제 = 57
1. 대외적 측면 = 57
2. 내부적 측면 = 60
제5장 요약 및 결론 = 65
참고문헌 = 67
조선대학교 교육대학원
윤화심. (2006). 韓ㆍ中 經濟關係의 發展과 새로운 協力課題
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