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In the 21st century knowledge-based society, the speed in creation and extinction of knowledge and information is getting faster. So as the knowledge once acquired can not be applied to knowledge and information technology effectively, we need continuing education. To meet the demands of the trend of such knowledge-based society. e-learning of various styles appeared and related industries have been rapidly growing. e-learning using the Internet network is more convenient and effective in cost and use, and regions and time are not obstacles in satisfying needs of learning.
Methods for e-learning include knowledge search, real-time and non-real-time on-line education and person-to-person telecommunication and their disadvantages are presented as follows:
Most of the knowledge search consists of texts and pictures and we need long time to solve problems. Real-time and non-real-time on-line education has difficulty in learning that satisfies levels of each students. As person-to-person telecommunication education is taken care of by few number of instructors, it is difficult to meet the desires of learning other than specific fields and learning is possible only in time agreed.
To overcome disadvantages of existing learning and education methods, we have to provide time and spacial flexibility and effectiveness and extension of leaning and education.
This stud suggests person-to-person on-line education using Hybrid P2P as an alternative. They Hybrid P2P education suggested applies knowledge on peers' professional fields by on-line use of their knowledge. Therefore, anytime and anywhere real-time and online education can be provided at reasonable expense. It is believed that it can bring learning effects similar to those of off-line education as well as advantages of on-line education.
Alternative Title
Proposal of Hybrid P2P-based On-Line Learning Model
Alternative Author(s)
Park, Hyo-seong
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 정보.컴퓨터교육
Awarded Date
2006. 2
Table Of Contents
목차 = ⅰ
표목차 = ⅲ
도목차 = ⅳ
I. 서론 = 1
A. 연구의 필요성 = 1
B. 연구의 내용 및 제한점 = 2
II. 관련연구 = 3
A. e-러닝(Electronic-Learning) = 3
1. e-러닝의 정의 = 3
2. e-러닝의 특징 = 3
3. e-러닝 서비스의 유형 = 5
B. 비실시간 학습 = 6
1. 지식검색 서비스 = 6
2. 비실시간 동영상 기반 학습 = 12
C. 실시간 학습 = 15
1. 실시간 화상학습 = 15
2. 일대일 실시간 화상학습 = 17
3. 실시간 화상학습의 단점 = 22
D. P2P(Peer to Peer) = 23
1. P2P 개념 = 23
2. P2P 서비스의 종류 = 23
III. 제안하는 하이브리드 P2P 방식의 원격교육 = 33
A. 개념 = 33
B. 서비스의 흐름도 = 34
1. 원격교육 서비스 등록 = 34
2. 원격교육 서비스 참가 = 35
3. 질문 및 문제 해결 = 36
4. 원격교육 방법 = 38
5. 원격교육 서비스 탈퇴 = 40
C. 다른 서비스와의 차이점 = 40
1. 엑티브포스트 = 40
2. 오픈포유 = 42
3. 다른 서비스와 제안하는 서비스의 차이점 및 장단점 = 44
IV. 결론 = 47
Ⅴ. 참고문헌 = 48
조선대학교 교육대학원
박효성. (2006). 하이브리드 P2P 기반 온라인 학습모델 제안
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