중학교 가창지도의 효율적 방안 연구 : 변성기 남학생을 중심으로

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The focus of this study was in finding an effective program for vocal training that is conducted most frequently in music education program of junior high school and the study was conducted as follows.
First, as the most fundamental theory of vocal training, proper posture and breathing techniques were examined. The importance of proper posture while singing and sitting were presented, respiratory organs were studied for proper breathing techniques, and techniques for inhalation and exhalation, shoulder respiration, costal respiration, abdominal respiration, and other various breathing methods were also presented. For vocalization and resonance studies, by understanding the theory of vocalization and of the vocal apparatus, proper vocalization technique was presented, and conducted a comparative analysis of proper and improper vocalization. Oral cavity, pharynx, and nasal cavity of the resonance cavity were studied, and different results of resonance from various location of vocalization that differ based on the sensation of resonance were presented. In phonation studies, characteristics of vowels and consonants were examined, and methods for proper phonation were presented for higher quality of phonation. Next, in the study of rhythm and sight reading, the order of rhythm lessons, vocalization of Do, vocalization of Do at various octaves, and sight reading lessons was presented.
Upon gaining comprehension of fundamental theories in vocal training, a vocal training program that is suitable for junior high school students is needed. During junior high school years, students go through significant physical and emotional changes. Above all, students become concerned about their voice as they start experiencing changes in their voice. In order to train students during this critical period, characteristics of adolescent students was first be categorically presented by their physical, cognitive, and emotional development, and according the symptoms and onset of voice changes, changes in their vocal chords and singing range were presented. As vocal training program for students experiencing changes in their voice, the need for transposition of the various songs presented in the 9th music textbook currently in use was presented through analysis of their range, and also, the importance of the role of the instructor was also presented.
By presenting necessary fundamental theories for vocal training, providing comprehension of the voice changes students are experiencing, and presenting training programs, the objective of this thesis is to enable the instructors to encourage students to actively participate in vocal lessons and to lead enjoyable lessons through their continuous self development.
Alternative Title
A study of an Effective Method for Teaching Middle School Singing
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Pu-reun
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2006. 2
Table Of Contents
제 1장.서론 = 1
제 1절.연구의 목적 및 필요성 = 1
제 2절.연구의 방법 = 2
제 2장.가창지도에 관한 이론 개관 = 3
제 1절.가창지도 = 3
1.자세와 호흡 = 3
2.발성과 공명 = 11
3.발음 = 23
4.리듬과 독보법 = 29
제 2절.변성기 = 32
1.청소년기의 특징 = 32
2.변성기의 시기 및 증상 = 34
3.변성기의 성대 변화 = 37
4.변성기의 성역 변화 = 38
5.변성 장애와 예방 = 41
제 3장.변성기 학생에 대한 지도 방안 = 43
제 1절.조옮김의 필요성 = 43
제 2절.조옮김의 실제 = 46
제 3절.교사의 역할 = 49
제 4장.결론 = 52
참고문헌 = 54
조선대학교 교육대학원
이푸른. (2006). 중학교 가창지도의 효율적 방안 연구 : 변성기 남학생을 중심으로
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