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Gyeryang BYUN was an outstanding person who established the outline with respect to all the composition areas in the time reigned by Taejong and Sejong of the Lee Dynasty. However, such literary achievement as well as the evaluation on him in terms of cultural history cannot obtain its originality by being squeezed in between Geun KWON or Geojeong SUH. The background of this is related with Yongjaechonghwa of Hyun SUNG and his human boundary. The more deplorable one is the fact that the literary value of Gyeryang BYUN takes the path of more distortion as the times go by.
The Study direction on Gyeryang BYUN can be summarized as three. First, there is a tendency to view him as the literary man of Kwangak who was busy in embellishing one's style around the power. The others include the case of viewing him as the literary man of recluse or the literary man of outsider. In this regard, there exists a problem in the existing Study manner to view in one area such as the literary man of Kwangak, recluse, or outsider, etc. The fact that assertions fall short of the validity is proved by finding the logical basis in the literary outlook of Gyeryang BYUN.
The details discussed in this paper can be summarized as follows: First, the fact that Gyeryang BYUN was not the literary man of recluse or outsider was demonstrated through his diverse companionship. The fact that the literature of Gyeryang BYUN became the base to establish the national outline could be inferred through his life. Nevertheless, the reason why the evaluation on the literary value of Gyeryang BYUN was little is resulted from Yongjaechonghwa and the human boundary. Such negative opinions became the bases in literature, which hindered from taking a proper view of the literary value of Gyeryang BYUN.
In order to take an overall view of the literature of Gyeryang BYUN in a more concrete manner, we should know that he was an excellent man of literary ability. In particular, the process of emphasizing his outstanding literary ability and storing his mind with knowledge was tried under the literary outlook of Gyeryang BYUN. In addition, Jaedojimoon (Outlook on literature that the notion of the moral doctrine comes out of the rule of the nature, not the specific moral teaching) as the universal literary outlook of the age was presented and its relationship with Gyeryang BYUN was reviewed. Since Gyeryang BYUN was the excellent man of literary ability in the early Lee Dynasty, it was also found out that he had his own peculiar world of literature through the internalization of Jaedojimoon.
The fact that Gyeryang BYUN showed the remarkable literary ability was examined in the absolute perspective. The definite contents include the rhetoric and the mental image. Gyeryang BYUN created the poem in a more refined manner by using the rhetoric and the mental image appropriate to the situation. Such refinement is the definite example to fully explain the literary talent of Gyeryang BYUN who could handle the writing skillfully.
The form and the subject matter were limited to Akjang and Chinese poem. The important work to be able to judge the status of Gyeryang BYUN in terms of the history of literature is Akjang. In evaluating Gyeryang BYUN, he is often called as the literary man of Kwangak, the basis of which is provided herein. Further, the basis on the fact that he hovered around the power and concentrated on the embellishing literature was provided in Akjang. The significance of discussing the formality of Akjang in terms of the history of literature lies in the fact that the basis of occurrence of sijo, a three-verse Korean poem, which dominated Chosun society, existed in Akjang of Gyeryang BYUN. In terms of discussing the formality of Chinese poem, Gyeryang BYUN was in the important position to estimate the similarity in writing the poem from Dojun JEONG to Geun KWON to Gyeryang BYUN.
The subject matter of the work was analyzed by the next. It includes the eulogy or the wish, Tranquility at a mountain temple, worship of Heaven, obedience to one´s parents, loyalty and love of the people, feeling of an acquaintance, faith of ideas, lament aperson´s death, etc. on one side The theme of Akjang becomes the critical alternative to the embellishing monochromatic literary man of Kwangak. If the theme of Akjang is seen in the perspective of bottom-up type, not the existing top-down type, two points to comment can be deduced. The one is the fact that it was made by the command of the king. The other is the fact that it was made under the awareness of the duty as the public figure. In consideration of the evaluation in terms of the history of literature that Akjang stabilized the shaky public sentiment right after the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, if it is studied in terms of bottom-up type, Gyeryang BYUN was the rare figure as ever lived who achieved the loyalty via letters. To undertake the given assignment in a sincere, courteousness and diligence should be praised. Subsequently, there is no reason to depreciate him as the person who concentrated on the embellishing literature by circling around the power.
what would be the sentiment in the poem of Gyeryang BYUN which runs through such theme was reviewed. Goidam (conversion into the simple poetic sentiment even in case of agony) is one of such examples. It is linked with Nakibooleum (having a good time without dissipation), the fundamental sentiment in making and offering Akjang to the king. Hwasanyulgok, the representative Akjang of Gyeryang BYUN was analyzed in terms of phenomenon and action. The way in which the sublimation of Goidam running through it was continued to Chinese poem or sijo was found out. The moderate spirit of Goidam is the core matter, which runs through the literature of Gyeryang BYUN.
By the way, it is problematic that the existing research direction such as the literary man of Kwangak, recluse, or outsider, etc. cannot explain such literary characteristics of Gyeryang BYUN. Instead, there is an easier aspect if the point of the argument is led by building the hypothesis as the idyllic literature according to the opinion of Byungsoo MIN.
The literature of Gyeryang BYUN has such a peculiar and grand pride. Gyeryang BYUN, the literary man who helped the plan of the king, was the great literary man and the administrator who suggested the harmonious direction that the letters should go after in the literary world of Chosun afterwards.
Through the discussion thus far, I tried to re-illuminate the literary value of Gyeryang BYUN. In so doing, the efforts are made in this paper to renew the recognition of Gyeryang BYUN in terms of the history of literature.
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Study on Literature of Gyeryang BYUN
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Byun, Su-nam
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
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2006. 2
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Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구 목적 = 1
2. 연구 방법 = 3
Ⅱ. 작품형성 기반 = 8
1. 생애 = 9
2. 교유 = 21
3. 문학관 = 41
Ⅲ. 변계량 문학의 표현 특성 = 62
1. 다양한 형식 = 62
2. 수사적 기교 = 66
3. 심리적 표현 = 72
Ⅳ. 작품에 나타난 주제 의식 = 76
1. 송축 및 기원 = 79
2. 산사에서의 한정 = 86
3. 경천 사친충군 애민의 마음 = 91
4. 지인(知人)에 대한 정(情) = 97
5. 사상적 신념 = 102
6. 죽음에 대한 애도 = 109
Ⅴ. 문학사적 의의 = 114
Ⅵ. 결론 = 118
참고문헌 = 121
조선대학교 교육대학원
변수남. (2006). 변계량의 문학 연구
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