論語를 통한 人性敎育 硏究

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As war against dehumanization has been getting serious, our generation desperately needs recovery of humanity. Thinking it is sorry to be unprepared for organized development of the topic based on extensive knowledge of Moon Sa-chol, this study concludes as follows:
In the beginning, humanity was developed from analogous religions and has been established as a theory, which can be definitely found in the historical flow.
That Confucius said that 'I describes what was taught by ancestors, but do not create it' is a sort of tradition. In the period which tradition permeates, a thought is generally nonproductive. That is to say, it is said that there is no energy. In the period which focuses on opening, tradition is a productive energy in ideology, which is an emergency of true humanity.
The purpose of Confucianism is to establish human ideals by incorporating the past culture into cultivated morality. Cultivation of morality indicates practical training that virtue should be maintained and based on humanity. However, Confucius develops a description that virtue should be maintained and based on humanity through a suggestion that it should be cultivated through manners. A suggestion that humanity should be developed through poetry, virtue should be practiced through manners, and personality should be completed through music is its specific development. Poetry, calligraphy, manners and music are humanity itself, and culture decorates quality through a form. That is, it indicates that it decorates nature through humanity. Simple personality is based on nature. Decoration means education. Cultivated humanity decorates and completes naturalness of personality. What is to complete? It is to complete beauty and goodness as presented in a suggestion that 'people can be men of honor after their internal base and external style are fully developed' said by Confucius.
In respect to personality, after people criticize and considers their psychological reactions, and lead them to inside of life, the origin of their life and morality can be found, identified and complemented. It is a practice without efforts. Personality which is a basis of Confucius's thought is created through a series of practice. If we are to understand and judge Confucius's stoicism and his method to practice humanity, our reason has to recognize the processes of such practice. It can be assumed that our personality itself is a unity of speciality and universality. Complete identification of an individual is cultivation of the cosmos and society. Completion of self needs completion of the universe. Thus, Confucianism pursues continuing growth and development of humanity with thinking thoughts of saints as the ultimate standard of personality development. It is assumed that personality identified in the perspective of Confucianism and the concept of personality education have been derived from the sense of Confucianism's value.
Although Confucius did not mention sexuality of humans, the Analects of Confucius describes central ideals of Confucianism about how people are developed into being human.
Confucian humanity education is characterized by humans with love to their nation and people, warm-hearted ones with universal love, enjoying happy life, righteous ones equiped with liberal arts, ones with steady and diligent attitudes, having confidence in their jobs, ones with unity with their society and infinite reliability to their communities, being willing to give service for other people. As presented in a saying that when home is controlled well, every thing goes well, when practical education which can be presented by anyone is given properly, people can be perfect in considering other people or working as members of their society. In 1960s and 1970s, many mothers care their children too much because they were born and brought up in poor environment. However, what will the ones with too much care be in the future? Will they have proper perspectives of the world and their nations? As Confucius says, children with great capacity can be leaders of the future. In such meaning, it is confirmed that personality education is desperately needed and analects of Confucius will be a good guideline.
This study suggests that we have to make every effort to cultivate Confucian mind and enrich modern philosophical understanding of personality education. That is a one of the methods to survive from educational crisis.
Alternative Title
A Study on Humanity Education in the Analects of Confucius
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Shin, Mi-deak
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 한문교육
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2006. 2
Table Of Contents
英文抄錄 = i
Ⅰ. 序論 = 1
1. 硏究方法 = 1
2. 人性과 人性敎育의 槪念 = 3
3. 人性敎育의 必要性 = 10
Ⅱ. 論語의 形成背景 = 13
1. 社會的 背景 = 13
1) 宗族制 社會 = 13
2) 封建制 社會 = 14
2. 文化的 背景 = 16
Ⅲ. 論語에 보이는 孔子의 敎育觀 = 20
1. 論語의 意味 = 20
2. 孔子의 學問 = 23
3. 敎育觀 = 30
1) 個性敎育 = 32
2) 눈높이 敎育 = 35
3) 人性敎育 = 41
(1) 仁 = 42
(2) 孝 = 49
(3) 詩와 禮와 音樂 = 53
(4) 義 = 63
Ⅳ. 結論 = 69
參考文獻 = 72
조선대학교 교육대학원
신미덕. (2006). 論語를 통한 人性敎育 硏究
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