高等學校 日本語 敎科書의 敎室活動 分析 : 의사소통기능을 중심으로

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This thesis made an analysis classroom activities data in twelve kinds of texts, 『Japanese1』, based on the seventh educational course. And it investigated that this data reflects communicational function pertinently.
Specially it studied about communicational function items to present in every unit that classroom activities data didn't put first interest and promotion of classroom activities and free statement by an interaction.
The analysis result of twelve kinds of texts, 『Japanese1』 to based on the seventh educational course didn't handle classroom activities as interested play simply and thought much of it as a lesson to execute every unit. In result which investigates communication function item of classroom activity data, textbook where communication function item is reflected to a data was only the 4 textbook kind of E, D, G , H. In addition, the chapter which communication function item is not reflected takes up much portion in A, C, J textbook.
It shows the fact that mutual relation between communication function item and classroom activity data is low. Namely, All classroom activity is insufficient to improve communication function directly.
In analysis result for communication function item is presented in the classroom activity data, result is distributed leanly and transmission function of intention and attitude, function like conversation development function is shows a low-end distribution because those are not introduced.
As above, the reason which mutual relation communication function item and classroom activity data is low and distribution chart of communication function item lean is that in most classroom activity is composed game putting first, learner's interest take precedence over communication function improvement.
Also we investigate the [Japanese1] in the center with the result that high level communication functions are not introduced and example sentence of classroom activity data is limited. So There are not introduced functions like conversation development which it does in necessity during real conversation. For becoming classroom activity data which contribute communication improvement, communication function which the chapter introduced must be introduced at least one.
Of course, if it lean to communication improvement, it will lost meaning of original classroom activity and it will show only character of sentence pattern practice
But if it is presented appropriately with interaction between communication function item and classroom activity, it will induced learner's interest and communication ability improvement.
Also before classroom activity professor have to understand data and improve activity range control ability with state which it do not allowed sentence pattern practice-centered for become classroom activity which be able to speak actively through learner's free conception.
Alternative Title
An Analysis of the Classroom Activities in High School Japanese Text : Centering on the Communicative Functions
Alternative Author(s)
Kim, Hyeon-seon
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2006. 2
Table Of Contents
표 목차, 그래프 목차 = ⅱ
제1장 서론 = 1
1. 1 연구 목적 = 1
1. 2 연구 내용 = 3
제2장 의사소통기능 향상을 위한 교실활동 유형 분석 = 5
2. 1 선행 연구 = 5
2. 2 의사소통기능 향상을 위한 교실활동 유형 = 8
2. 2. 1 제 7차 교육과정의 교육 지표 = 8
2. 2. 2 게임을 통한 교실활동 = 10
2. 2. 3 역할극을 통한 교실활동 = 13
2. 2. 4 인터뷰를 통한 교실활동 = 15
2. 2. 5 인터넷을 통한 교실활동 = 17
제3장 제7차 교육과정『일본어Ⅰ』교실활동 분석 = 20
3. 1 분석 대상 및 기준 = 20
3. 2 분석의 실제 = 26
3. 2. 1 교과서 별 교실활동 실제 = 26
3. 3 교실활동자료 의사소통기능 반영 분석 = 46
제4장 결론 = 50
참고 문헌 = 52
조선대학교 교육대학원
김현선. (2006). 高等學校 日本語 敎科書의 敎室活動 分析 : 의사소통기능을 중심으로
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