고등학교 음악교과서의 분석 연구 : 감상영역을 중심으로

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Music appreciation affects the intellect and the sentiment of human being and it is an act of mankind that must be continued in the future. Through music, we can have an aesthetical experience that is not acquired in the other area. Also this experience makes it possible to be the whole person. If this experience is achieved systematically through education , the effect is great. These days, the curriculum of music education is divided into understanding and activity area largely. The understanding area includes rhythm, tune, harmony, form, dynamic, tempo, and tone color. The activity area includes vocal, instrumental music, composition, and appreciation
Among them, appreciation education is very easy for students to access and it is a basis of vocal, instrumental music and composition. So the first grade of high school that is the last course of the national common education(al) curriculum for appreciation education is the very important time for students to form a good music culture. Also because students get their own taste at this age, it is an important time to arrange(sort out) music appreciation acquired before. Therefore the music appreciation education of this time is supposed to give a big influence to the form of music culture. Accordingly, I tried to find out the problem and the remedy through an analysis of appreciation music contained in the textbook of the first grade high school.
In this study, I have examined the content of appreciation part in the textbook, the percentage of appreciation music, the time of composition and its composer, and the genre and the form of performance. As a result of analysis, it is necessary to choose appreciation music considering various date and various composers. Also it is needed to make a standard what to choose. A required appreciation music is also necessary. In the content, we need to raise the percentage of the modern and present(nowaday) korean composers. And we need to connect the understanding and activity part organically. In the last, I feel keenly the necessity of the environmental preparation and the educational consideration to make them possible. If this is achieved, I'm sure 'the new era of total human education' seeking in the seventh educational curriculum would be possible through the education of music appreciation.
Alternative Title
An Analytical Study of The Music Textbook of High School
Alternative Author(s)
Moon, Duck-jean
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2006. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 목적 및 필요성 = 1
2. 연구의 범위 및 방법 = 3
1) 연구의 범위 = 3
2) 연구의 방법 = 3
Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 = 5
1. 음악 감상 교육에 대한 고찰 = 5
2. 제 7차 교육과정의 고등학교 음악과 교육과정에 의한 감상영역 고찰 = 6
Ⅲ. 감상영역 분석 = 9
1. 교과별 감상 영역 내용 정리 = 9
2. 교과서에 수록된 감상곡 비율과 작곡시기와 작곡가 = 24
3. 음악의 장르와 연주형태 = 30
Ⅳ. 결론 = 35
참고문헌 = 39
조선대학교 교육대학원
문덕진. (2006). 고등학교 음악교과서의 분석 연구 : 감상영역을 중심으로
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