우리나라 경제교육의 실태분석과 개선방안

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The human being in order to fill the desire of oneself acquires the resources which is limited efficiently and it consumes act, like this act is economic activity. It is active economically that bumped against to economic problem. it is necessary that opinion and decision of the depending on.
Us consuming and producing from the economic problem which is trivial is bumped against together from daily life the inflation, until the economic problem which unemployment, the exchange rate and the government regulation back is complicated lives in continuous inside of the economic activity which is various. The human being is born consequently and there is a possibility of saying, that from it is participating to an economic activity, human being that also a reason to here, as the economic animal there is there is a possibility of seeing.
Compared to it acts but with today same information anger the economic activity from the industrialization society is various more and it is complicated and it changes it solves an economic problem with general common sense, there is a possibility of saying that it is difficult highly. Being consequently like this various, from the hazard which solves the economic problem which is complicated rationally the economic education certainly being necessary is a possibility of doing.
The Korean economy of recent times accomplishes to trust defective own 4,000,000 person, the card delay becomes social problem and 1,000,000 person teenage people are being put in the actual condition which falls down with 'the financial ex-convict', the economic crime which relates with a this occurs frequently. Also Korea the basic principle of all remainder to pursue the development dictatorship elder brother disparity developmental strategy of growth putting first which cabinets to the political logic which goes to extremes and market economy equipped well and support only will not be able the bay knew the gain and loss against the market economy of economic units very to be meager, it was a basic limit of this Korean economy of this. Like this problems that it originates from tracing of economic education, is not the chart overstatement.
The newspaper publishing company and the broadcasting company of Korea, begins the publishing company back recently and the many masses media importance every day economic education and necessity it propels the campaign where competitively it refers to an economic education, is developing the economic educational program which is various.
The economic education which the economic education executes but during that time from the school total schedule back excessively is the actual condition which is slight. Also the economic education from the school is executed as one territory of the society and even so and it is come, until independent after now the economic education was if and they open a court and is reaching in today the economic education it goes round importantly but study hour, from big specific gravity hold it does not do it is the actual condition, professor method also the one sided strong will as ever is the actual condition which becomes stock price.
Currently by a 7th curriculum the economic education which is executed from the secondary school 10 grades which are last a grade of citizen common basic education process 'an economic' subject becomes accomplished from 11-12 grades which are one part and a selection center curriculum from social subject and there is, is the actual condition where the economic education which it learns into the student consequently in small quantity from 10 grades is a total one water service of school economic education.
The dissertation which it sees consequently to recognize the necessity of economic education and, it extends in the professor compendium flag since then change 7 and after trying to observe the change process of the economic education which opened a court after the actual condition of economic education it analyzes and proposing the problem point, In the future there is a place objective which presents the direction must be improved.
Alternative Title
The Analysis and Improvement of Economic Education in Korea
Alternative Author(s)
Lim, Dae-hong
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일반사회교육
Awarded Date
2005. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 목적 = 1
2. 연구방법 = 2
Ⅱ. 경제교육의 이론적 검토 = 4
1. 경제교육의 개념 = 4
2. 경제교육의 성격 = 6
3. 경제교육의 목표 = 7
Ⅲ. 경제교육의 변천과정 = 10
1. 교수요목기(1946-1954) = 10
2. 제1차 교육과정기(1954-1963) = 12
3. 제2차 교육과정기(1963-1973) = 15
4. 제3차 교육과정기(1973-1981) = 18
5. 제4차 교육과정기(1981-1987) = 20
6. 제5차 교육과정기(1987-1922) = 22
7. 제6차 교육과정기(1992-1998) = 25
8. 제7차 교육과정기(1997- ) = 27
Ⅳ. 경제교육의 실태분석 = 32
1. 외국 경제교육의 현황 = 32
2. 우리나라 경제교육의 현황 = 37
3. 우리나라 경제교육의 문제점 = 43
Ⅴ. 경제교육의 개선방안 = 49
1. 근본적인 개선방안 = 49
2. 학교 경제교육의 개선방안 = 50
3. 가정 및 사회 경제교육의 개선방안 = 56
Ⅵ. 요약 및 결론 = 58
참고문헌 = 60
조선대학교 교육대학원
임대홍. (2005). 우리나라 경제교육의 실태분석과 개선방안
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