미술 감상활동을 통한 학습지도 방안 연구 - 중학생을 대상으로

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Development of culture is key to establishing a healthy modern society and visual art has a big influence on cultural development. The fine arts, which are the representative genre of visual art, has a big influence on the development of mental growth during the adolescent period, which is a period of building up the personality.
Therefore, art education in secondary education courses promotes the ability of aesthetic and intellectual judgment, sensibility in balance, development of emotion, accomodate the growth of a healthy personality. Because of this, art education which provides access to various art cultures and information in a learning environment is very important.
Keeping the importance of this in mind, this study focused on finding out the desirable method of art appreciation and teaching methods for middle school students in an art education course.
As a concrete method, I analyzed the problems of art education at present and then I analyzed the general appreciation method, which we know commonly, and the subjective appreciation method, which is more progressive. I studied the positive methodology wherein students independently research and produce the meanings of works, escaping from existing lesson styles, which are passive and tend towards the cramming method. Especially, I presented a teaching-study guidance model which utilizes the subjective appreciation method, focusing on middle school students, by allowing them to visit and connect with both art galleries and internet art galleries and engage in appreciation activities of expression.
This teaching-study guidance plan used various appreciation methods a total of six different times, trying to accomodate a unification of field of experience study, expression, and appreciation, which are in the 7th education course.
The core contents of this teaching-study guidance plan, which is based on the teaching method of appreciation education, is that first, let the students develop by themselves an aesthetic judgment and ability of perception through seeing the works and analyzing them by themselves. Second, let the students train their independent analysis ability, expression ability, writing ability, and vocabulary ability through student presentations that focus on the works they saw and the thoughts they had. Third, this guidance plan should make the students bring up critical thought through discussion and give confidence and a desire to study to those students who are spiritless in discussions, and have a subsequent positive effect on other subjects of study.
Through this teaching-study guidance plan course, middle school students area able to research and form their own judgments after seeing works so they can establish aesthetic sensitivity and their own values which can help them to enjoy art in their daily lives, so as to accommodate them to grow up to be healthy members of society.
However, most of all, recognition of the modernization of teachers who are leading education is very important to achieve these education goals, and constant efforts are absolutely needed to develop new art education programs and the constant application of them.
Alternative Title
A Study on the guidance model of art education though the activity of art appreciation - jurior high school in the object
Alternative Author(s)
Yoon, Ae-suk
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2005. 8
Table Of Contents
표 목차 = ⅲ
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 내용과 목적 = 1
2. 연구의 방법 = 3
Ⅱ.중학교 미술 교육과 미술 감상 교육의 연계 고찰 = 4
1. 미술 교육의 역할 = 4
1) 미적안목의 육성 = 5
2) 조형능력의 함양 = 5
3) 창의성계발 = 6
2. 중학교 미술 감상교육의 이해 = 7
1) 미술 감상교육의 의의 = 7
2) 감상활동과 표현의 상호 관계 = 8
3) 중학교 과정에서의 미술 감상 교육의 중요성 = 10
4) 중학교 과정에서의 미술 감상 교육의 문제점 = 11
5) 미술 감상 교육의 지도방향 = 13
Ⅲ. 미술 감상 교육 수업의 실제 = 15
1. 일반적인 지도 방법 = 15
2. 주체적 감상으로서의 지도 방법 = 19
Ⅳ. 감상교육 수업 지도안 개발 제시 = 28
1. 미술관 감상 교수-학습 지도안(1-6차시) = 30
2. 인터넷 미술관을 이용한 교수-학습 지도안(1-6차시) = 47
Ⅴ. 결론 = 63
참고문헌 = 65
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
尹愛淑. (2005). 미술 감상활동을 통한 학습지도 방안 연구 - 중학생을 대상으로
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