夏目漱石와 美術과의 關係 -『三四郞』를 중심으로

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Soseki who graduated from Tokyo university majoring in English Language and Literature and then was selected as the first student who would study overseas, was engaged in his major in London in England for two years. His life in London was financially poor and mentally isolated and at this time he was 34.
He confirmed difference between western countries and Japan, and grew his mind on criticism and reflection in modern civilization. His active creation with advanced intelligence acquired from oriental ethics and western cultures started when he was 40, but he was first English scholars, poet(Haiku) and artist.
Some people said that his calligraphy and painting are just hobbies. If Soseki's main job is writing, Chinese poetry, calligraphy and painting are considered as hobbies. However, in consideration of their artistic levels, they go beyond just hobbies.
Of the enormous amount of his creation, there are 『Grass Pillow(Kusamakura)』, 『After Then(Sorekara)』 and 『Gate(Mon)』 which are closely related to art, but this study is to speculate 『Sanshiro』 that is well-known as a romance novel and painting novel.
However, 『Sanshiro』, which is a romance novel written based on his accumulated intelligence and power, is full of lots of indications and symbols. Therefore, as speeches and behaviors of characters have many indications, it can be never understood easily and there are diversified suggestions and opinions on it.
What is his power he has accumulated and where does his psychological source that produces 『Sanshiro』 come from 『Sanshiro』 would not be achieved without his experiences in England and artistic knowledge. Therefore, this study is to speculate how his experiences in London and artistic knowledge are applied for the 『Sanshiro』.
Through a hero who remarkably sticks to colors in 『Sanshiro』 and observes things, this study identifies his delicate color senses and background. Also, it is to identify why 『Sanshiro』 is called a painting novel.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Relations between Natsume Soseki and Art - Centering on 『Sanshiro』
Alternative Author(s)
Jeong, Su-mi
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2005. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 序論 = 1
Ⅱ. 本論 = 5
1. 유학 이전 漱石와 미술과의 관계 = 5
2. 유학 시절 漱石와 미술과의 관계 = 9
3. 유학 이후 漱石와 미술과의 관계 = 17
4.『三四郞』와 미술과의 관계 = 24
4-1.『三四郞』와 영국체험 = 24
4-2.『三四郞』에 나타난 漱石의 색채감각 = 29
4-3. 회화소설로서의 『三四郞』= 36
Ⅲ.結論 = 49
參考文獻 = 53
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
鄭秀美. (2005). 夏目漱石와 美術과의 關係 -『三四郞』를 중심으로
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