이사무 노구치(Isamu Noguchi)의 조각 작품 연구

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In the beginning of the twentieth century, even though Modernism was developed in art, the art of the U. S. A was far behind the one of Europe because of the effect of Classicism and Romanticism.
In the current age, Isamu-Noguchi didn't stick to one trend. But he expressed the matter of life and art in his work through the past and the present with various materials and methods.
In his early works, due to the influence of Brancushi, he created works of organized form expressing the vitality of nature by the simplicity of form using various materials, geometrical and mechanical methods. On the basis of the form, he presented new expression through his works such as sculpture of lighting, the art of stage, terra cotta and metal and so on to the contemporary sculpture and extended the area of sculpture.
In the late period of his work, he was more interested in plaster work and sculpture in a garden. Through plaster figures and sculpture in a garden, he tried to reflect the material and intuitive view of the Occident based on the Seon of Eastern ideas. Accordingly, he made his own world of work in which space ideas of the West are mixed. He has the view of art derived from the space idea of the East and the personal background.
That is, he applied the principle of art for sculpture of a garden to pursue coexistence in a space. So, he did not made a space in which sculpture was placed but a space which was an object of sculpture itself. Moreover, he produced a place where human's consciousness could expand through sculpture of a garden in which nature and sculpture were located in harmony.
Noguchi's works had rational forms as figurative characteristics which integrated the social function of art, practical art and function.
He had the mixed point of views about figurative arts and didn't distinguish high art, from applied find arts and environmental sculpture. In addition, he did his best to associate with the public.
In this paper, I'd like to understand his works and study the significance of his works in contemporary sculpture and the style of expression.
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A study of sculptures by Isamu-Noguchi's
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Lee, Seung-Wuk
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2005. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 이사무 노구치의 생애와 작가적 형성 배경 = 3
1. 이사무 노구치의 생애와 시대적 배경 = 3
2. 작가적 형성에 영향을 끼친 인물 = 6
1) 콘스탄틴 브랑쿠시 = 6
2) 벅민스터 플러 = 9
Ⅲ. 이사무 노구치의 조각 작품 세계 = 12
1. 순수 조각 작품 = 12
1) Metal과 테라코타 = 12
2) 석조 = 15
2. 응용미술과 환경조각 작품 = 21
1) 조명조각 = 21
2) 정원조각 = 23
3) 환경조각 = 29
Ⅳ. 결론 = 34
參考文獻 = 36
作家年譜 = 38
圖版 = 41
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
李承昱. (2004). 이사무 노구치(Isamu Noguchi)의 조각 작품 연구
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