『こころ』에 나타난 女性觀 硏究 - 을 中心으로

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There was no delicate confrontation of eastern and western culture as the Meiji age in the history of Japan. Traditional view of sense supporting Japanese society began to be agitated by western view of sense introduced by open-door policy of culture. One of the most serious problems in Japanese society in the Meiji age recognized by Soseki was dirty selfish personality not to consider others in the process of modernization. Soseki draw such an extreme selfish character of man through 『Kokoro』.
Image of woman considered and pursued by each age regardless of east and west has been originated in organic relations with social structure and family system of the time.
Siz is described as a passive figure who doesn't express oneself in 『Kokoro』 and has the beautiful, calm and mild character. Therefore, it is considered that the view that she was a schemer was from man's position not from woman's one.
Siz seen from teacher's view was an existence not to be disobeyed like religious spirit and she was lonely even when teacher survived owing to his mental love and after his death, he became her mental burden. Siz seen from K's view was the same love as ciose applicaion not to be changed with his own life.
Teacher seen from Siz's view was like resting place, home, not emotion of love and K seen from her view was like first love to her. And 私 seen from Siz's view was like mother.
This study examined Siz from several views. Siz seen from patriarchal view was a good wife and wise mother. It was thought that a good wife and wise mother was resulted from marriage system and controls sex of woman by binding marriage to forced love between man and woman. Siz at 『Kokoro』 didn't express her own feelings and emotions properly. It was a natural result of ideology of marriage.
Siz is not a lady but a woman having various colors and a new woman having perfection and then she is the product of Soseki to give courage to women in this age.
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A Study on the View of Woman Found in 『Kokoro』 - With
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Kim, Hyun-a
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2005. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 序論 = 1
Ⅱ. 本論 = 4
2.1. 明治時代와 夏目漱石 = 4
2.2. 漱石의 女性觀 = 8
3. 作中人物을 통해 본 靜 = 12
3.1. 靜의 성격분석 = 12
3.2. 先生의 視点에서 본 靜 = 17
3.3. K의 視点에서 본 靜 = 26
3.4. 私의 視点에서 본 靜 = 32
4. 靜의 視点에서 본 作中人物 = 38
4.1. 靜의 視点에서 본 先生 = 38
4.2. 靜의 視点에서 본 K = 41
4.3. 靜의 視点에서 본 私 = 46
Ⅲ. 結論 = 53
參考文獻 = 56
朝鮮大學校 敎育大學院
金賢雅. (2004). 『こころ』에 나타난 女性觀 硏究 - 을 中心으로
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