Claes Oldenburg의 작업변천과 기념비성(Monumentality)에 대한 연구

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This study aims to identify changes in works of Claes Oldenburg who is recognized a representative artist of Pop-art, one of contemporary art areas in late 20th century and monumentalism of his sculpture. It focuses on his Pop-art inclination depending on social situation of that time, and social, historical and geographical aspects appearing in his world of sculpture to examine characteristics of his monuments and meaning of public art.
Since 1950s, he, who has been influenced by the whole areas in post-war art, showed his artistic intent through happening, soft sculpture, and monuments. He has established his world of art based on background ranging from abstract expressionism to Pop-part, and his concept of sculpture promotes diversity of uniformed based on popular art of contemporary materialized civilization.
He emphasizes realistic expression and visual effects of materials that are commonly used in our daily life using materials, techniques, colors and patterns. And in respect to content of works, his works represent historicism, socialism and popularity. Instead of focusing on subjective mental world of artists, he is consistent in reproducing common materials as objet of artistic works. He attempted communication with populace using conceptional sculpture.
The distinctive expression and artistic achievements of his objet monuments expand meaning of sculpture as symbols of cities with social, historic and geographical characteristics of cities added. The expansion contributes to association of art with social phenomenon to open a new artistic world.
Alternative Title
A study on Claes Oldenburg's Work change and Monumentality
Alternative Author(s)
Cho, Myoung-hee
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2005. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.서론 = 1
Ⅱ. Claes Oldenburg 조형성 이념의 형성배경 = 4
1. 성장배경 = 4
2. Pop Art의 발생동기와 미국의 Pop Art = 6
1). pop Art의 발생배경 = 6
2). 미국의 Pop Art = 10
3. Pop Art의 조각양식과 Oldenburg의 조각 = 14
Ⅲ. Claes Oldenburg 작업의 다양성 분석 = 18
1. Happening = 18
2. Soft Sculptures = 22
3. object = 26
4. Lipstick on Caterpillar Tracks : 1969-74 = 34
Ⅳ. Claes Oldenburg의 Monumentality = 40
1. 공공미술 속의 올덴버그의 조각 = 40
2. 도시공간과 공공조각 = 45
Ⅴ.결론 = 49
연보 = 52
참고 문헌 = 55
도판 = 57
조선대학교 교육대학원
조명희. (2004). Claes Oldenburg의 작업변천과 기념비성(Monumentality)에 대한 연구
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