第7次 敎育課程 改正에 따른 中學校 2學年 數學 敎科書 內容 考察

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The goal of this study was to view the mathematics textbook of the second grade in middle school in order to maximize pupil's mathematic ability for the goal of this study. The problems of this study were as follows:
① What are the commonness or the difference in 16 kinds of mathematics textbook with the unit, the chapters, and the clauses?
② Are the contents and the expression of the mathematic textbook adequate for the 7th of the curriculum?
③ Is teaching mathematic time planned out properly during one year?
④ Is the application of the step by step well fitted for teaching?

The data of this study was 16 kinds of mathematic textbook in the second grade middle school. The reference to the view was the commonness and the difference, the contents and the expression, planning out time and the application
The results of this study were as follows.
① 16 kinds of mathematic textbook are composed with 7~8 units. There is commonness but on the dimension each kind is different.
② On the adequateness for the 7th of curriculum, most kinds of mathematic textbook are adequate.
③ On the time planning out, there are not problems.
④ On the step by the step, so each textbook has problems. Teacher instructing the mathematics need to display there autonomy for pupil's mathematic ability.
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 교육행정
Awarded Date
2004. 8
Table Of Contents
. 序論 1
1. 硏究의 必要性 1
2. 硏究의 目的 및 問題 3
Ⅱ. 理論的 背景 5
1. 敎育課程의 意味 5
2. 數學科 敎育課程 6
3. 敎科書의 條件 7
4. 제7차 數學科 敎育課程의 內容 9
Ⅲ. 硏究 方法 및 節次 13
1. 硏究의 內容 13
2. 硏究 方法 14
Ⅳ. 硏究 結果 및 分析 15
1. 領域別 單元, 章, 節 配列 및 構成 比較 15
2. 敎科書 內容 및 表現의 敎育課程 要求와의 一致度 33
3. 敎科書의 年間時間 配定의 特徵 36
4. 數學敎科 指導方法으로서의 段階型 水準別 敎育 適用 樣相 37
ⅴ. 要約 및 結論 42
1. 要約 42
2. 結論 44

參考文獻 46
조선대학교 교육대학원
金東郁. (2004). 第7次 敎育課程 改正에 따른 中學校 2學年 數學 敎科書 內容 考察
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