『雪國』에 나타난 女性美에 관한 研究

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On the growth of Kawabata Yasunari and Suffering of his youth, the death of parants which became cause of the orphan consciousness, especially absense of monther hed deep relavance with 'woman', a component of the main subject in Kawabata's works. The fact that he had grown without mother's love has a great effect on his whole life and is important in a sense that it builds a component of Kawabate type in forming a image a image of womanhood.
And the friendship between a boy, 'Kiyono', and Kawabata who had grown without parants' love were not temporary, and a spiritual component loving people sincerely was most strong. As the experience of love in Kawabata is pure love ending without touching a finger, it has a great effect on forming a later image of womanhood.
This experience of love with the experience of orphan consciousness called fatalistic has a great effect on forming a image of womanhood and seems to be a big support of Kawabata's literature.
Based on this situation we considered images of womanhood in his works. He described three images of womanhood in his works ; self-sacrificial image, pure image, and maternal image.
First, the self-sacrificial image of womanhood is represented by lifes of vain efforts of Komako and Yoko's to be seen through Simamura's eye.
In this work Kawabata described the self-sacrificial image of womanhood that gave everything freely by love without any limit.
As such women in those three works are described by a woman who leads a man and give relief to them in spite of difficult situations.
Kawabata longs for pure love and has more concern and focus in self-recovery though it than pure love.
Here we can find that Kawabata recognizes literlature not as a creation, but as a object that has a more urgent sense involving his relief, and he finds literture in human society as a means of surmounting heartbreaks by parents' absence. As he should compensate empty space caused by mother at any types, he makes spiritual surrogate mothers such as Komako and Yoko in 'Youkiguni', during these creation processes he can find the origin of self-existence within women.
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A study of Woman's Beauty Treated in a "Youkiguni"
교육대학원 일어교육
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2004. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 序 論
Ⅱ. 本 論
1. 川端의 文学的 背景에 대하여
2. 『雪国』에 나타난 女性美
Ⅲ. 結 論
参 考 文 献
조선대학교 교육대학원
박규영. (2004). 『雪國』에 나타난 女性美에 관한 研究
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