연령대별 일반네일과 젤네일의 선호도

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Modern women recognize that their appearance is part of their competitiveness and have begun to invest a lot of time in their looks. In addition, the desire to express their personality and personality has begun to increase, and this desire is not limited to clothing or jewelry, but is divided into various areas and specialized. Among them, nail art is a part that can express individual personality, and it is a tendency to continue growing as it is becoming a part of life rather than simply managing hands and feet. Therefore, in this study, we surveyed the previous research trends for the last 10 years through domestic prior literature on nail and then started the questionnaire. Therefore, this study investigates the preference of general nail and gel nail, which many modern women are practicing, for each age group to understand the propensity of nail shop customers and to establish basic data for nail industry that is rapidly developing by satisfying appropriate desires. I want to do it. We surveyed 217 questionnaires from 10th to 50th women residing in Gwangju metropolitan city for about 3 weeks from May 1, 2017 to May 23, 2017. Of the total 217 questionnaires, 211 were used as the final statistical data except for the six questionnaires that responded inappropriately. Frequency analysis was used to analyze the general characteristics of the subjects, and categorical data The nonparametric method was analyzed using a chisquare test. In addition, the empirical analysis of this study was verified at the significance level p <.05. Statistical analysis was performed using the SPSSWIN 21.0 program. The results of statistical analysis are summarized as follows.First, I analyzed the degree of interest in nail and found that nail was most interested in it. Second, teenagers did not receive nail regularly because of the price burden, and they found character nail preference in art. As a result of preference, we prefer gel nail to general nail. Third, in their twenties, like teenagers, they did not receive regular nail care. In the case of ordinary nail, art with stone and parts was preferred, and in the case of gel nail, character nail was preferred. As a result of preference, we prefer gel nail to general nail. Fourth, in their thirties, they were receiving nail on a regular basis compared to other age groups, and preferred French and gradient designs. As a result of preference, we prefer gel nail to general nail. Fifth, in their 40s, as in their 30s, they regularly received nails regularly compared to other age groups, preferring french and gradient designs for regular nails, and art using jelly nails for stones. As a result of preference, we prefer gel nail to general nail. Sixth, the 50s did not receive the nail on a regular basis because of the price, and preferred french and gradient design. As a result of preference, we prefer gel nail to general nail. The results of the questionnaire showed that gel nail was preferred to ordinary nail in all age groups from 10 to 50 years. Therefore, it was found
that gel nail is preferable to ordinary nail in all ages from 10 to 50 years. Based on this research, we hope to become a good base for the nail industry that is rapidly growing by satisfying the needs of nail shop customers by their age.
Alternative Title
A study about preference of general nail and gel nail by age
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Seul Bee
조선대학교 산업기술융합대학원 미용향장학과
산업기술융합대학원 미용향장학과
Awarded Date
2017. 8
Table Of Contents
목 차


Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구배경 1
2. 연구동향 3
3. 연구 목적 및 내용 8

Ⅱ. 연구이론 10
1. 네 일 10
1.1 네일의 개념 10
1.2 네일의 종류 10
1.3 네일의 구조 25
1.4 네일의 성장 및 기능 28
1.5 네일관리 도구 28
1.6 네일 화장품종류 31
1.7 네일의 역사 33
1.8 한국네일의 역사 34

2. 젤네일 36
2.1 젤네일의 정의와 특징 36
2.2 젤네일에 필요한 도구 36
2.3 젤네일 관리 방법 39

3. 일반네일과 젤네일 장‧단점 비교 42
3.1 일반네일과 젤네일의 장점 및 단점 42

Ⅲ. 연구방법 43
1. 설문연구 43
1.1 연구 대상범위 43
1.2 설문자료 분석 43

Ⅳ. 결과 및 고찰 45
1.1 조사대상자의 일반적 특성 45
1.2 설문조사 분석 결과 47

Ⅴ. 결 론 71
참 고 문 헌 73
감사의 글 82
설문지 83
이슬비. (2017). 연령대별 일반네일과 젤네일의 선호도
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