전차선로 유지관리 효율화에 관한 연구

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Since opening the Seoul-Busan High Speed Railway of the Seoul-Deagu line in April 2004 and after Ho-nam High Speed Railway in April 2015, various of failure have occurred in the railway and it demands the causes of the failure and considers a countermeasure till lately. Korean high speed railway system has followed the French high speed railway system. After installed, there was an analysis about environment affects by the railway system in domestic, seasonal characteristics, maintenance and the schedule for the system and material supply state. Also stability has improved though analysing causes of the failure. By these, this paper has proposed the maintenance standard direction for various facilities and the goal is a maintenance efficiency.
There were diverse cases in the Seoul-Busan High Speed Railway while maintaining the whole system. To fix the cases, the new method has proposed. After analysing the wire structure in various facilities, blackets or holders that support the wires has worn down through train operation. However, this could not meet the facilities' reorganization time. But extra solution needs to be appear according to expand the train service and shorten the maintenance time. Especially automatic tension balancer, insulators, air joints, air sections and equalizer in tunnel have to work consciously. To establish countermeasures hereafter, research result that maintenance time should be shorten and facility improvement have to implement for safety train operation has derived.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Efficiency of Maintenance for Railway System
Alternative Author(s)
Yeong-Rak Kim
조선대학교 산업융합기술대학원
산업기술융합대학원 전기기술융합공학과
Awarded Date
2017. 2
Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서 론 1

Ⅱ. 전차선로 시스템 3
A. 집전장치 3
B. 전차선로 지지점 압상량 측정 및 분석 4
1. 전차선의 압상량 4
2. 사전이도 5
C. 철도설비의 기술점검 6
1. 드롭퍼 6
2. 전차선의 최소 두께 7
3. 장력조정장치 도르래의 조정 8
4. 전차선로 절연 이격거리 10
D. 전차선로 검측장비 11
1. 전차선 높이·편위 측정시스템 11
2. 전차선 접촉력 측정 13
3. 전차선 시설물 변형검사 측정시스템 14
4. 변위 측정 시스템 16

Ⅲ. 전차선로 장애분석 17
A. 트립사고 분석 17
1. 고속선 및 일반선 트립사고 17
2. 시설물 손상 19

Ⅳ. 문제점 분석 및 개선결과 20
A. 문제점 분석 20
B. 분석결과 20
C. 주요 설비의 유지보수 21
1. 에어죠인트, 에어섹션, 건넘선 21
2. 급전선 인하개소 구조물 22
3. 가동브라켓 풀림방지너트 22
4. 장력조정장치 23
5. 과선교 하부 조기선 24
6. 터널 내 애자류 25
7. 가동브래키트 및 드롭퍼 26
8. 조류둥지 생성방지를 위한 구조물 28
9. 접지 취부걸이 29

Ⅴ. 결론 30
조선대학교 산업융합기술대학원
김영락. (2016). 전차선로 유지관리 효율화에 관한 연구
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