LED 램프용 SMPS의 신뢰성 향상을 위한 온도의존성 연구

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LED lamps are emerging as a light source with many advantages such as high efficiency, environment friendliness, reliability, and longevity. However, low-quality products that are not well-credited with the life span of LED lamps due to floods caused by overcrowded manufacturers and low-priced products imported from China are weakening the health of the LED lamp market. Therefore, it is necessary to study the reliability of LED lamp life. The lifetime of the LED lamp greatly affects the quality and durability of the SMPS, the driving unit, and the heat dissipation function that can quickly reduce the heat generated in the LED. In this paper, we focused on SPMS deterioration. All products are designed and manufactured to operate under normal conditions, so that products classified as good by inspection will work without problems in the beginning. However, there is a case in which a desired function can not be performed due to a failure or deterioration of a defect depending on the use time, and therefore, a concept of reliability in analyzing and evaluating it is needed. If a product that operates at the time of manufacture operates forever without failures, the term reliability itself will not be necessary, and all products will be distinguished from good-working products that initially work and those that do not. However, most of the products deviate from the limit that is considered in design according to the passage of time, and the failure occurs due to deterioration and the elapsed time until that time is different. Here, the failure can be defined as not meeting the required level. If a failure occurs, the severity of the effect varies depending on the type of the component. The damage is small and inconvenient. As a result, producers need to make efforts to prevent such failures as much as possible. Therefore, in this paper, it is tried to improve the reliability according to the temperature increase by comparing and analyzing the voltage and current characteristics according to the increase of the SMPS power capacity and the temperature increase. In order to improve the reliability of SPMS, we design the optimal design to improve the performance of LED lamp which is widely used.
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A Study on the Temperature Dependent for Reliability Improvement of SMPS for LED Lamp
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Kim Gyun Su
조선대학교 산업융합기술대학원
산업기술융합대학원 전기기술융합공학과
Awarded Date
2017. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰 3
A. LED 램프용 SMPS 3
1. 전원공급장치 3
2. SMPS 구조 4
B. 신뢰성 6
1. 가속시험 7
Ⅲ. 실험 및 결과고찰 9
A. 30W 부하 시 온도별 전압, 전류 10
B. 40W 부하 시 온도별 전압, 전류 11
C. 50W 부하시 온도별 전압, 전류 14
D. 각 온도별 와트수에 따른 전압전류 16
E. 각 부하별 온도에 따른 전압 및 부하전류 비교 21
Ⅳ. 결론 23

조선대학교 산업융합기술대학원
김균수. (2016). LED 램프용 SMPS의 신뢰성 향상을 위한 온도의존성 연구
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