이동통신 안테나시스템의 매팅네트워크에 관한 연구

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안테나 이동통신
In this thesis, the design and manufacturing of a 4G antenna for mobile communications is described. As it is known, since the implausible development of the communications technologies, the boundaries and constraints are limiting the geometry of the devices and, the requirements and features of the services are called to have better and smaller technologies whereas the capabilities of that services are thought to be of a greater performance. From this perspective, it is necessary to reduce the space for the antenna inside the gadgets. Considering 4G frequencies, it is clear that the antenna must operate in the range of 700-960 MHz and 1.7-2.7 GHz taking into account the coverage for 2G, 3G and 4G stated frequencies. Low frequencies often require long or big dimensions of the antenna in order to achieve resonant into the given bandwidth. However, as it is mentioned before, novel technologies need small and reduced space. At that point, this project is based in the new design techniques theories that have been demonstrated in many novel investigations where, in order to satisfy the size constraints, the ground plane –where the electronics of the mobile are located- is used as a tool for non-resonant antenna path to improve the radiation pattern and characteristics. Moreover, to cover the high frequencies, it is necessary to use a small-sized antenna, doing easy to model an ordinary monopole inside the space of the antenna.
In this manner, this thesis is divided into two main parts. On one hand, we have the design of a non-resonant part of the antenna which has to use the ground plane to help to improve the radiation in the lowest frequencies. On the other hand, we have a single monopole to create another part of the antenna so as to cover highest frequencies.
The main goal of this project is to demonstrate and to validate the results obtained in the design of the antenna for 4G given in, as well as to search for the enhancement of the proposed design by making use of new techniques of antenna designs and by changing the form of the structure evaluating the electrical fields and the coupling between the parts of the full antenna.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Matching Network of Antennas System for Mobile Networks
Alternative Author(s)
Yang Ho Seung
산업기술융합대학원 전기기술융합공학과
Awarded Date
2016. 8
Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서 론 1

Ⅱ. 이동통신의 이론 및 모바일 기기 3
A. 이동통신 3
B. 4G 기술 6
C. 모바일 기기용 안테나 7
D. 결합 소자 안테나 10
E. 매칭네트워크 12
F. 단일 급전과 복수 급전 14

Ⅲ. 비평면 4G 안테나 16
A. 저주파수 대역소자 16
B. 고주파수 대역소자 21
C. FULL 안테나 26
D. 매칭네트워크 30
Ⅳ. 시뮬레이션 및 실험 결과고찰 33
A. 평면 안테나 33
B. 실험 및 결과고찰 38

Ⅴ. 결 론 43

양호승. (2016). 이동통신 안테나시스템의 매팅네트워크에 관한 연구
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