전기철도 급전선의 이선 아크 특성에 관한 연구

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Electric railways are currently developing the technology continues to greener public transport due to logistical capacity enhancement and energy costs savings. Electrification rate of the domestic has also increased significantly. But these electric railway is a situation that needs attention is more extreme cases lead to an accident due to a large tragedy for the purpose of mass transit. Such scrutiny shall be made on the electrical risk factor in operating a railway. A catenary system in the electric railway is an important key technology to determine the speed of the train as a plant for supplying power to the train.
In this paper, the arc generated in the electric railway and analyzed the effects of an electric railway system circuit. In the case of arc extinction in a very short time, but due to the large stand intellect current EMI, thereby causing EMC problems. The impact of this arc can critically affect the entire electrical and control systems continue to accumulate if the railway meeting. By analyzing the effects on the arcs of the catenary system to such high-speed solves the problem of the present system and increase the arc current collecting performance conducted a study in order to take advantage of the construction and performance verification to the new catenary.
Alternative Title
A study on the Contact Loss Arc Property of Railway Power Reeding System
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Kim, Hwi - Joo
산업기술융합대학원 전기기술융합공학과
Awarded Date
2016. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1

Ⅱ. 연구 현황 및 이론적 고찰 2
A. 연구 현황 2
1. 기술개발 현황 2
B. 전차선과 팬터그래프 간의 이선율 5
1. 이선율 판단 기준 5
2. 이선의 측정법 7
3. 아크의 전기적 특성 10
4. 아크의 발생원인 11
5. 아크의 영향 13

Ⅲ. 검측 시스템 14
A. 전기철도 급전계통 14
1. 급전계통 모델 14
2. 전원등가 모델 15
3. 스콧변압기 모델 15
4. AT 모델 16
B. 전차선과 편터그래프 간의 이선 아크 검측 17
1. 전기철도 이선 검측 장치 요구사항 17
2. 전기철도 이선 아크 검측 장비 분석 18
3. 검측 시스템 구성 21
4. 팬터그래프의 높이 측정 23
C. 실증 결과 및 고찰 24
1. 아크 측정 데이터 비교 분석 24

Ⅳ. 결 론 26
조선대학교 산업기술융합대학원
김휘주. (2016). 전기철도 급전선의 이선 아크 특성에 관한 연구
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