철도신호설비의 낙뢰방호시스템에 관한 연구

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Recently, the Korean railways, a certain interval as high-speed railway that has been operating at a speed of 200km/h or more, the maximum speed of the Korea High Speed Rail is the only high-speed trains currently in service is a 300km/h, The biggest advantage of high-speed rail is capable of mass transit, there is a safe, fast, convenient use. But, Failure of signal safety equipment, damage, deformation, and external factors delay due by lightning (natural disasters, such as the impact from the outside) to abnormal train operation by the signal security devices, such as the generation of a signal failure due to failure of electronic interlocking equipment accident that results is frequent. Reliance on electrical energy and information communication has been increasing, damage aspect of lightning also diversified to change, in the advanced information society, electrical equipment, computers, lightning damage of social infrastructure facilities such as communications, economic Ya it has led to problems of social serious consequences, such as industry.
As a railway signal equipment is state infrastructure, It is an important role of safe and stable operation of mass transit and passenger, Such as a microprocessor, such as an electronic interlocking device, it has been used a lot of computerized equipment, and in multi-function and miniaturization has progressed, Such rapid digitization, there is disadvantage that the insulating strength becomes lower, The urgent measures to secure vulnerable disadvantages caused by lightning accident when needed. Recently the intensity of the brain and changes in current due to the gaseous environment is getting stronger, The number of occurrences of lightning tendency also increases, Lightning power supply, is flowed into the signal control unit and signal the machine room and the outside of the signaling equipment through the cable to the communication line, it is a major cause of the traffic damage or malfunction.
Therefore, railway signaling and establishment of effective lightning damage countermeasures are required in the facility operation, And to the study of protective equipment used, etc. And to the study of protective equipment, such as using a surge protection device to prevent accidents caused by lightning strikes. For this survey about the railway signal equipment, and By analyzing the accidents and problems from lightning, and to derive the problems related to the protection system of the existing signal equipment, power supply, Review the protective measures of lightning, such as security selection, which is applied to the signal control device and communication equipment, it is time to ensure measures and theoretical considerations of appropriate lightning surge protection measures technology preparation is urgent.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Lightning Protection Systems for Railway Signaling Equipment
Alternative Author(s)
Lee Gil Lo
산업기술융합대학원 전기기술융합공학과
Awarded Date
2015. 8
Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰 2
1. 철도신호설비 2
2. 낙뢰 및 과전압 발생 메카니즘 3
3. 신호설비의 피해 방지대책 6
Ⅲ. 철도신호설비 방호시스템 12
1. 접지 12
1.1 접지극 구성 12
1.2 독립접지 및 공용접지 13
2. 등전위본딩 시스템 16
2.1 등전위본딩 네트워크시스템 16
2.2 낙뢰보호용 등전위본딩 18
2.3 감전보호용 등전위본딩 19
2.3.1 주 등전위 본딩 19
2.3.2 보조 등전위 본딩 20
2.3.3 무접지용 국부등전위본딩 20
2.3.4 기능용 등전위본딩시스템 21
2.4 본딩용도체의 선정과 시공방법 22
3. 서지보호장치 24
3.1 철도신호설비에서의 서지보호장치 24
3.2 전원회로의 접지방식 25
3.3 서지 보호 장치 설치기법에 따른 보호 특성 29
3.3.1 독립접지 29
3.3.2 공통접지 29
3.3.3 피보호기측 공통접지 30
3.4 뇌 서지의 경로에 따른 서지보호 장치의 보호특성 30
Ⅲ. 결론 32
이길로. (2015). 철도신호설비의 낙뢰방호시스템에 관한 연구
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