비젼시스템을 활용한 송유관 도유 건전성 검사

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Oil pipeline integrity inspection using Vision System

Kang, Dong-Shik
Adviser : Prof. Park, Jong-an, Ph D.
Department of IT convergence ENG.
Graduate school of Chosun University

Domestic oil pipeline is built exceeded the operation came back 20 years. Reliable and efficient means of transport in the oil transport place enough importance to be difficult to replace the pipeline was increased was positioned as a central infrastructure for industrial development. When the oil is transported in the pipeline is leaking due to some personal injury accident in long-distance pipelines unspecified period, depending on the scale accidents can bring up the material damage, economic instability, such as a disaster. Because petroleum products resulting from the performance of fire, explosion, causing soil pollution. You can check to prevent accidents long as ten years using technology was an important point. In particular oil thieves accidents resulting in artificial and spills is an indiscriminate crime is more dangerous. So this paper, we propose a vision system to see how to check for IT technology based pipeline accidents. Vision System Applications pipe inspection method is simpler than the existing pipe innovative technology more affordable health inspection techniques, can be used in a short time the test is the internationally accepted validated by conventional inspection intelligent PIG intellectuals agents and can be used immediately.
Alternative Title
Oil pipeline integrity inspection using Vision System
Alternative Author(s)
Kang, Dong-Shik
산업기술융합대학원 IT융합공학과
Awarded Date
2015. 2
Table Of Contents
1. 서론 1

2. 송유관 국내 운영현황 3
2.1 송유관의 정의 3
2.2 국내 송유관의 역사 4
2.3 석유수송에서 송유관의 필요성 6
2.4 송유관의 운영 사고예방 고찰 7

3. 송유관 건전성 검사 10
3.1 전파 (Radio Detection) 탐측 이용 기술 10
3.1.1 지하매설 탐지기 (RD-8000) 10
3.1.2 레이다 탐지 (Radar Detection) 검사 11
3.2 초음파 (Ultrasonic Wave) 검사 12
3.2.1 초음파 탐측원리 12
3.2.2 전자기 초음파 탐촉자 방식 (EMAT, Electromagnetic Acoustic Tranduser) 13
3.2.3 인텔리전트 PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) 검사 14

4. 비전시스템 기반 건전성 검사 알고리즘 설계 17
4.1 배관검사에 고려할 내용 17
4.2 시스템 설계 주요 구성 요소 20

5. 비전시스템 설계 시뮬레이션 23
5.1 도유 구멍 시뮬레이션 23
5.2 Otsu 방법을 이용한 전처리 24
5.3 히스토그램 분석 및 영역 분할 26
5.4 레이블링에 의한 영역 분석 27
5.5 검출 저장 및 출력 30
5.6 영상 시뮬레이션 30

6. 결론 35

참고문헌 36
강동식. (2014). 비젼시스템을 활용한 송유관 도유 건전성 검사
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